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  • No longer will the students have to stop by the Bursar’s Office to obtain a book card for the use of buying books at the UMass book store. A new book voucher program has been launched since Spring 2017.

Your estimated financial aid package must exceed your financial obligation to the university for the current semester in order to qualify for the book voucher program. The voucher is an available line of credit at the UMass book store to be used for textbooks and course related supplies (cannot be used for Gift Cards). If you qualify for a book voucher, you will receive an email in your university student email account and a "Bookstore Voucher hold" will be placed in your WISER account.   *You can find your available credit for the voucher by clicking on the details via "Bookstore Voucher hold" in WISER.

Book vouchers may vary from the range between $100 and $750.00.

Using a book voucher does not change the total of your financial aid awards. It is not an additional award.  A book voucher is simply a way to access your financial aid for bookstore purchases. The exact amount you charge at the bookstore will be added to your WISER account. After the add/drop period, your financial aid will be applied towards these charges and the balance will be deducted from your financial aid refund that you qualify for.

Please note if your financial aid is adjusted for any reason or additional charges are added to your WISER account (declining part of your aid, change in enrollment level, or withdrawal from university), you are responsible for the full charges incurred at the bookstore. If you have any questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office to verify your eligibility.


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