UMass Boston

Interfaith Campus Ministry (ICM)



The Interfaith Center 

The Interfaith Center at UMass Boston is here to serve the community by offering spiritual care to students, faculty, and staff. Our primary aim is to support students as they deepen their relationship with themselves, with God, and with others. We encourage students and members of the UMass Boston community to be faithful to their own heritage and to continue their journey by exploring, welcoming, and appreciating diversity. During the fall and spring semesters, our Chaplain/Campus Ministers are available for individual and group conversations.

For reflection, prayer and meditation, any current member of UMass Boston may call Campus Police at 617.287.7799 for access to the Interfaith Center Sanctuary during regular campus hours while school is in session and during the summer months, or you may use our Sacred Prayer Space near the Ryan Lounge. See Events and Activities for more on our events and to reserve a space for active faith-based groups.

Our Symbol 


Following the tragedy of the four plane crashes on 9/11/01, the community of UMass Boston gathered to mourn and plan how we would memorialize those who perished in the crashes and the collapsed towers. We also gathered to decide how we would promote what every human being desires most – a peaceful world and community. We adopted the dove of peace as the symbol that would reflect our daily ambition – to be the peace we seek, as a sign of hope and as a reminder of our personal responsibility in reaching the goals of peace and mutual respect. 


Campus Ministry

McCormack Hall 3rd Floor