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Worship in the Area

Resources for Locating a House of Worship or Meditation

This is a brief list of helpful websites. There are many options in religious practice.

Multiple traditions are listed at

CAUTION: Be safe when searching out a religious house of worship and a place to call home!  If possible,  go to any new house of worship with a friend. Two pair of discerning minds and hearts are often better than one. DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO JOIN IMMEDIATELY! In general, any organization that demands loyalty by demanding that you quit school, miss classes, give up tools and technology required for academic success, and ignore your family and friends is probably not a group that seeks your best interest and spiritual wellbeing. If you do join, do not feel that you have to stay if the fit becomes uncomfortable or unsafe. Take time to get to know that place, the people, their practices and their doctrines. Observe well before deciding if that is the fellowship you will be safe in as a member or as an associate member in watch-care while you are away from your family. Just because your friend, classmate or roommate has found that congregation to be good for them may not make it a good fit for you. If possible, visit several congregations and houses of worship until you are sure you have found one that is safe and a good fit for you.

Informational Websites

Islamic masjids
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston - Look by neighborhood
United Church of Christ
(This is NOT the Boston Church of Christ or International Church of Christ.)