UMass Boston


Does my financial aid cover my rent? Where do most students live? The answers are here.

Finding Housing

Does UMass Boston have residence halls?

UMass Boston opened its first residence halls the fall of 2018. If you are interested in applying to live on campus, please go to the on-campus housing page. on-campus housing page. Freshmen will be given priority, but we are also reserving spaces for upperclassmen as well.


Where do most UMass Boston students choose to live?

Our students live all over the Boston area. Areas with the highest concentration of UMass Boston students include Dorchester with about 2,150 students, Quincy with about 1,125, Malden with about 425, and South Boston with about 300.

Does UMass Boston have a partnership with Harbor Point or Peninsula?

No. UMass Boston has no formal or informal partnerships with Harbor Point or Peninsula, although UMass Boston students do choose to live there.

What are the safest areas to live in Boston?

We suggest using this Trulia Crime Map or to gauge the safety of the different parts of Boston and the surrounding areas.

Affording Housing

On average, how much is monthly rent for an apartment in the Boston area?

Rental rates vary dramatically across the Boston neighborhoods and surrounding areas. For more information, please see our Boston Rental Cost Comparisons.

Are there special discounts for students in the Boston housing market?

We are not aware of any deals geared specifically towards students. Students must do their due diligence to find housing within their budget. Please visit our Affordable Housing Opportunities page to learn about public housing assistance opportunities.

Do I pay UMass Boston for my apartment or do I pay my landlord?

UMass Boston students who live independently pay for housing the same way anyone in the Boston housing market would. You are responsible for paying your rent to your landlord according to the terms of the lease you sign.

Does my financial aid cover my rent?

Financial aid awards are calculated based on a student's cost of attendance at UMass Boston, which includes an allowance for living off campus. Any financial aid funds awarded in excess of your university bill will be given to you in the form of a check or direct deposit after the add/drop period for the semester and after financial aid has confirmed your enrollment. You can then apply those funds towards your rent. For more information, visit the UMass Boston Cost & Aid page.

Getting to Campus

How do I get to campus?

By public transportation. UMass Boston is convenient to the JFK/UMass Station (MBTA Red Line and Commuter Rail), and there is free shuttle service offered by UMass Boston to and from JFK/UMass. Visit the MBTA website for more information.

By bike. During the spring, summer, and fall months, UMass Boston hosts a Bluebikes bike-share station for Bluebikes commuters. For more information visit the Bluebikes website.

By car. UMass Boston is convenient to I-93. Parking on campus costs $9-$15 per day. Due to construction on campus, parking is limited so we recommend using another means of transportation to get to campus.

Visit the Getting AroundTransportation page for more details on university parking and transportation options.

How long will it take me to get to campus?

The time it takes to get to the UMass Boston campus varies based on where you live and your method of transportation. Please see our Boston Rental Cost Comparison document for estimated times to travel to campus by MBTA.

Are there student discounts on the MBTA?

The Office of Transportation Services offers discounted semester T passes. Click here for more information.

Student Life at UMass Boston

Does UMass Boston offer meal plans?

Meal plans are available for residents living on and off-campus.

How can I get involved at UMass Boston?

There are a number of ways that students can get involved on campus and become a part of a tight-knit UMass Boston community. We suggest visiting the Life on Campus or going to the UMBeInvolved page to learn more.