UMass Boston


Benches on the updated HarborWalk

UMass Boston's $2.8 million HarborWalk Improvements and Shoreline Stabilization project, a Phase One element of the 25-Year Master Plan, was completed during summer 2015. Shoreline protection included stabilizing the existing edge and eliminating the continued loss of debris (such as concrete and brick) into Boston Harbor.


The 800-foot section of the HarborWalk located on university property between the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum and Harbor Point apartments. This section is easily accessed by crossing Mount Vernon Street and following the walk way between the Harbor Point apartments and campus parking Lot D.  


The project, which was completed in 2015, placed 3,200 tons (6.4 million pounds) of stone along the shoreline to stabilize it and created a new paved walkway along the restored shoreline. A significant amount of granite blocks unearthed from the Big Dig was donated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The new stretch features benches, lighting, gathering spaces, native plants, interpretive signs with historical narratives, and an area to display artwork. 


  • Enhanced public access and accessibility to the waterfront
  • Improved connections between the campus and the waterfront
  • Restored and protected shoreline segment of this stretch of HarborWalk to prevent further coastal erosion


Construction took place from summer 2014 through summer 2015.