UMass Boston

Campus Plans

The Next Campus Plan

In June 2021, Chancellor Marcelo Suárez-Orozco initiated a long-term strategic planning process for the university. Part of that process involves a new campus planning initiative to define how the physical campus can support the university’s academic and administrative goals. Further details on this plan are available on the Campus Planning website.

2009 Campus Plan

In 2009, UMass Boston unveiled the bold and innovative 25-year Campus Plan, which outlined the development that will transform the campus into a cutting edge, sustainable, and attractive environment. This plan is the physical realization of the university’s strategic vision: becoming a model student-centered, urban public research university of the 21st century. Reinventing the 1970s campus, the plan called for new buildings, landscapes, circulation corridors, and utilities. The recommendations in the plan serve as a flexible blueprint and framework for a campus infrastructure and landscape that reflects UMass Boston’s highest academic ambitions, its urban mission, and its commitment to enhancing the student experience and improving connections with its neighbors.

Following the development of the plan, the university has implemented a number of transformative projects which improved teaching, student life, research, transportation, and the physical environment. Completed 25-Year Campus Plan projects include:

As the new campus environments are being used, work continues on construction of the central project of the 25-Year Campus Plan, the New Quad Development (SDQD). The ongoing development of the campus will build upon the successfully completed projects to enhance the campus environments.