UMass Boston

Welcome to the Restorative Justice Commission

The Restorative Justice Commission (RJC) at UMass Boston is committed to fostering a campus climate that prioritizes racial and social justice, equity, and the principles of restorative justice. We aim to contribute to the development and implementation of strategies that promote inclusivity, accountability, and community building within our institution.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Restorative Justice Commission is to assist the institution with assessing campus climate, contributing to the development of a strategic plan, recommending strategies for strategic plan implementation, and advising decision-makers on matters of policy and procedure with a lens of racial and social justice, equity, and honoring restorative justice principles and philosophies.

Endorsed Proposals

Explore the impactful initiatives endorsed by the RJC:

  • Native American and Indigenous People Restorative Justice
  • Ombudsperson Office
  • Restorative Justice Commission Faculty Fellowships
  • UnDoing Racism Trainings
  • Mapping Out the College of Management: Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Justice
  • Equity in Advising Conference
  • Social Justice Peer Mediation Training Team
  • UMass Boston My Brother's Keeper (MBK) Alliance Program & Part-Time Staff Advisor Position
  • Equity in Advising Conference 2024 Guest Speaker
  • Phillis Wheatley Peters Building Renaming Resolution

RJC Sub-Committees

The RJC operates through various sub-committees, each focusing on critical aspects of our mission:

  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Campus and Community Engagement
  • University Policies and Practices
  • Research
  • Training and Development
  • Budget

Membership Responsibilities & Duties

RJC members are committed to actively participating in the advancement of restorative justice efforts on campus. Their responsibilities and duties include:

  • Attendance at monthly RJC meetings and biweekly subcommittee meetings
  • Engagement in proposal creation and relationship building within the campus community
  • Enhancing restorative justice efforts and outcomes on campus to assist the university in becoming a leading anti-racist and health promoting institution.
  • Evaluating the racial climate and recommending improvements
  • Be knowledgeable about current university and department policies, programs, training, curricular interventions, and institutional practices, and offer recommendations for enhancement.
  • Serving as liaisons between the RJC and the broader University community
  • Assisting with preparing annual reports for the Chancellor and the campus community on RJC activities

Restorative Justice Commissioners

  • Rosalyn Negron
  • Paul Watanabe
  • Anneta Argyres
  • Carroy Ferguson
  • Tony Vandermeer
  • Ayden B. Pol
  • Cristian M. Orellana
  • Deborah C. Dauda
  • Genesia G. Eddins
  • Jacqueline B. Lageson
  • Rajini Srikanth
  • Jariza Rodriguez
  • Patricia T Naya
  • Samantha E Erskine
  • Sara Hoang
  • Suha Ballout
  • Joseph N. Cooper