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Travel Registry

This is an online travel registration system. All university business travel that is (1) overnight domestic or (2) international must be registered in the system. Anyone who has a UMass Boston employee ID number and is traveling on university business is required to register. Registering is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete!


When should I register?

Travel is required to be registered 21 days before departure, or as soon as travel dates are known. Travel to high risk destinations should be registered 30 days in advance of departure, or upon notice of change in State Department Travel Warning List status. High risk travel also requires the submission of a High Risk Travel Petition Form.

How do I register?

Click the button below to get started! See Job Aids and Registration Help for step-by-step guidance.

Pre-Travel Authorization Form must be completed, signed, and uploaded to the documents section of your registration for both domestic and international travel.

NOTE: Domestic Group travel requires the submission of a completed Student Group Roster. International Group travel requires signed Conditions of Agreement forms. See the Travel Registry Forms section for more information.

**NOTE: If you receive a RED X next to your itinerary, this is not an error. This is just showing that you can remove this itinerary item. Please click "Register" to move to the next step**

Need Help?

Check out our resources!

Still have questions?

  • Travel Registry (Terra Dotta) questions, contact the Travel Registry team -
  • Travel Reimbursement questions, contact the Controller’s Office - 617.287.5120
  • Log-in Issues, contact the IT Help Desk -, 617.287.5220
  • Office of Global Programs -, 617.287.5586