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University Travel Approval


  • New Travel Process 4/15/24:  Beginning on Monday, April 15th, 2024, the university has transitioned to a new travel pre-approval platform (Concur) and travel risk management platform (Healix Sentinel).  Those looking to travel must request pre-travel approval through Concur and make sure approved travel information has been added to Healix Sentinel.  More information is available on the UMass President's Office Travel & Expense website.

Travel Planning Steps

University Travelers must complete the following three steps in the order presented below: 

  1. Obtain Pre-Travel Authorization: University Travelers must obtain prior approval/pre-travel authorization in Concur prior to booking travel. See Before Booking Travel section for additional information.
    1. Note: For International Group Travel, UMass Boston requires submission of the Conditions of Agreement Form.  This international travel liability release form must be filled out and signed by each UMass Boston student (including minors) and volunteer traveling as part of a group internationally and then uploaded to the Concur Travel Request.
  2. Book Travel Arrangements: University Travelers can book their travel after pre-travel authorization is obtained. University travelers are encouraged to book travel through Concur.  See Booking Travel section for additional information.
  3. Register Travel: University Travelers must register travel once travel is booked.  See Travel Registration section for additional information.

Visit the Travel & Expense website for all available resources including step-by-step instructions, forms, and trainings. General guidance is also available in the Instructions section.

University Travel

Most University Travel requires prior approval, also known as pre-travel authorization.  University Travelers must submit a request to travel in Concur for all overnight, out-of-state, and international University Travel. Approval must must be obtained by the Traveler prior to booking travel.

All international travel will require Export Control review.  Any travel to High-Risk Destinations will be subject to High Risk Review.

A High-Risk Destination is any domestic or international country, region, province or city designated by the Systemwide Travel Risk Management Advisory Committee (TARMAC) or a campus as posing substantive health, safety, security risk to a University Traveler and/or the University.  High-Risk Destinations are inclusive of comprehensively sanctioned countries.  For the most up-to-date list of High-Risk Destinations, visit the Before Booking Travel page under the "Travel to High-Risk or Elevated Cybersecurity Risk Destinations" section.

Personal Travel with a University Device or Accessing University Data

All Travelers seeking to bring University Devices, Data or Property on University Travel to an Elevated Cybersecurity Risk Destination must submit a pre-travel authorization request in Concur and attach a completed International Pre-Travel Export Control and Risk Form.  Please note: this is the same form required for all requests to International Travel Destinations and High-Risk Travel Destinations.

When should I register?

Travel requests must be submitted 21 days before departure, or as soon as travel dates are known. Travel requests to high risk destinations should be submitted 30 days in advance of departure, or upon notice of change in the systemwide list of High-Risk Destinations.

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