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How Do I Register?

Steps Aids
Step 1: Complete the Pre-Travel Authorization Form Visit the Forms section to access the Pre-Travel Authorization Form. This must be completed prior to registering travel.
Step 2: What type of registration should I complete? Travel Registry Decision Tree - Use this decision tree to determine which type of registration you should complete, or if you need to register at all.
Step 3: What do I need to do in order to complete my registration? Registration Requirements - Use this graphic to determine what items you need to address in order to complete your registration.
Step 4: How do I use the Terra Dotta system to register my travel?

See the below Job Aids and Instructional Videos for step-by-step guidance to register your travel in Terra Dotta.

Also check out the FAQs "Using the Terra Dotta System" section for answers to common questions.

Job Aids

Instructional Videos