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FREE Online Professional Development and Community Building for Active Chemistry and Active Physics

The Active Teacher Community (ATC) is a just-in-time resource for you as you move through the curriculum this year. It can help you PREPARE for your lessons by accessing lesson plans, videos, crucial physics/chemistry, and potential student misconceptions for each section of Active Physics and Active Chemistry. It can help you SHARE by providing a forum for discussing successes and challenges, for uploading and downloading materials that other teachers have shared, and for asking and answering questions as well as just chatting. It can help you COMPARE by providing a quiz you can give your students which can be the seed for discussions with other teachers about elements of the content that students had difficulty with. You can use these quiz questions in any way you like but the dialog can help you use your student data to enhance your instruction.

To get started, email Ben Rasa at with your name, school email address, which curriculum you use (Active Chemistry or Active Physics), and the name of the school at which you work.


ITOP: Improving Teaching of Physics - for more information about physics content courses: Contact Professor Peter Garik (

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