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Current and Recent Projects, Grants, and Sub-Awards


Funding Support


Primary Contact

Assessing Science performance Expectations: Integrating Science Content and Practices in the Five District Partnership NSF

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD 

Project Infuse: Engineering Infusion in Physics-  a STEM Summer Course for High School Physics Teachers NSF

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Kristen Wendell, PhD

Wipro SEF: WIPRO Science Education Fellowship Wipro Foundation

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Roxanne Johnson-Delear

PD-RAP: Understanding Professional Development for the Revised Advanced Placement Curriculum NSF

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Ayana McCoy, PhD

Engineering Discourse: Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools for Urban Elementary School Classrooms NSF

Kristen Wendell, PhD & Patricia Paugh, PhD

Community-Based Engineering for Pre-Service Urban Elementary Teachers NSF Kristen Wendell, PhD
Boston Science Partnership

National Science Foundation (NSF) Math Science Partnership, $12.5m

Bob Chen, PhD
Boston Energy in Science Teaching (BEST): Phase II

NSF, $2.1m  

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD Bob Chen, PhD
Watershed Integrated Sciences Partnership (WISP)

NSF GK-12 grant, $1.5m

Bob Chen, PhD
Integrating Engineering & Literacy NSF Sub-Award through Tufts University Kristen Wendell, PhD
Teaching Math to English Language Learners(TMELL) Department of Education (DOE), $2m Mike Gilbert, PhD & Fabián Torres-Ardila, PhD
Teaching Science to English Language Learners(TSELL)


Mary Cazabon, PhD Fabián Torres-Ardila, PhD
Active Physics Revision Curriculum Grant NSF, $1.1m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Active Chemistry Curriculum Grant NSF, $2.2m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Active Physics Teachers' Community NSF, $1.5m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Alex Hartley
SEF & SEF 2 NSF Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Advanced Placement Bridge Program

Boston Public Schools (BPS), APIP/US DOE

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Advanced Placement Initiatives NSF, BPS, APIP/US DOE Anthea Gabriel Roxane Johnson-DeLear
Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE)   Bob Chen, PhD
Teach Next Year / Noyce Scholarship Program NSF Lisa Gonsalves, PhD
Collaborating to Create a Science Community (CCC) Everett Public Schools, MA DESE Roxane Johnson-DeLear
Toshiba Explora Visions   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Learning Network Conference, 2011   Hannah Sevian, PhD
Assessing Technological Literacy   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Professional Development of Universal Course Design   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
NASA Summer of Innovation  

Anthea Gabriel