UMass Boston

Undergraduate Student Curriculum

The Urban Teacher Educator Corps Pipeline (UTEC)

A rigorous program of undergraduate and graduate teacher education, sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Boston, that prepares students to teach in urban schools. Its graduates are committed to beginning their careers as teachers in urban, public schools. UTEC is particularly appropriate for students who are interested in teaching math and science, although students from other subject areas will be considered.

Who is Eligible UTEC

To be eligible for admission to the undergraduate program, an applicant must have a 3.0 or better grade point average in a college preparatory curriculum that includes the sixteen academic units required for admission to UMass Boston.

Priority in admissions will be given to:

  • Students who intend to major in math and science subject areas,
  • UMass Boston Undergraduates
  • Students enrolled in Future Teacher programs
  • Students enrolled in teacher preparation programs at area community colleges
  • Who is Eligible Noyce

UMass Boston students who are math and science majors entering their junior year will be eligible to apply for the Noyce Scholars program.

What’s Involved:

A commitment from the start - All students who enroll in the UTEC Pipeline and the Noyce Scholars Program must sign an agreement to teach in urban public schools for at least two years after graduation.

UTEC students and Noyce Scholars are expected to demonstrate skill and promise in their discipline.

When UTEC undergraduates have earned 48 credits, they will enter the university's Undergraduate Teacher Education Program. They must meet the same requirements as all other students in the program, but will also be required to do their pre-practicum and student teaching in urban schools.

To remain enrolled in the program, all undergraduates will be expected to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.  Those who do not may be placed on probation, but will be offered tutoring and academic support as long as they demonstrate steady improvement and strong motivation to succeed.

Applying to UTEC

Admission to the UTEC Pipeline is a two-step process.  First students must apply through UMass Boston’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions for admission to the university.  Second, after admission to the university, students must apply for admission to the UTEC Pipeline.

The UTEC application requires:

  • An essay explaining why the applicant wants to teach in urban schools
  • One letter of recommendation that addresses the applicants potential to be a thoughtful and responsive educator.

The Noyce Scholars Undergraduate Program

A cohort program that supports undergraduate math and science majors who are in their junior and senior year.  The Noyce Scholars academic experience includes: Orientation to college, summr teaching experiences, intensive advising and support, academic coaching, and course work focused on urban teaching. Noyce Scholars will also earn a minor in teacher education and will work in urban classrooms observing, tutoring, and co-teaching. During their last semester, Noyce Scholars will participate in a mentored student teaching practicum.

Applying to Noyce

Math and Science majors at UMass Boston may apply to the Noyce Scholars Program at the end of their sophomore year.

The Noyce Scholars Application requires:

An essay explaining why the applicant wants to teach math and science in urban schools
two letters of recommendation, one that address the applicants skills in math/science, and another that addresses the applicants potential to be a thoughtful and responsive educator.
Financial Aid and Scholarships

All undergraduate students in the Noyce Scholarship program are guaranteed aid covering UMass Boston tuition and fees.  Other forms of aid are available depending upon the students program of study.

UTEC students are guaranteed aid covering UMass Boston tuition.  They are required to apply for all forms of federal and state aid for which they may be eligible.  For example, all UTEC students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  Once full aid in the form of grants is determined.  Scholarship money will cover any remaining costs for fees.

For Questions: Contact Lisa Gonsalves at or 617-287-7642.