Graphic showing cutout of New England states says New England Women's Policy Initiative: Ensuring Economic Security for All Women and their Families

New England Women’s Policy Initiative

Ensuring Economic Security for All Women and their Families


Spearheaded by UMass Boston's Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, the goal of the New England Women's Policy Initiative (NEWPI) is to ensure economic security for all women and their families. 

Given the widening wealth gap in our society, the on-going gender gap in women's wages—especially for women of color—women's continued exclusion from many well paying occupations, and their lack of support for family caregiving, the co-conveners of the NEWPI have joined together to forge a multi-year plan for policy development, policy action, and measuring progress on key policy issues.

The work of NEWPI falls in four broad areas:

  1. Conferences and Trainings: "The New England Women's Policy Conference" is a regional event held every other year (2014, 2016, 2018, 2020).
  2. New England Women's Policy Network: Individuals and organizations may join the network and become members (no fee involved) of an online "learning community."
  3. Policy-Relevant Research: Policy briefs and reports are developed, including state and regional level data, to inform policy development on issues related to advancing women's economic security in five priority areas in the "Call to Action."
    1. Wages and Income Security
    2. Workforce Development, Training, and Educational Opportunities
    3. Health and Family Leave Policies
    4. Early Care and Education: Programs and Workforce Issues
    5. Elder Care: Programs and Workforce Issues
  4. Policy Action: The co-conveners of the first New England Women's Policy Conference drafted the "Call to Action" to focus attention on key policy issues needed to advance women's economic security.

Steering Committee

Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy
The Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (Connecticut)
Maine's Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women
New Hampshire Women's Foundation
Women's Fund of Rhode Island
Vermont Commission on Women

Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy

Healey Library, 10th Floor, Room 12
University of Massachusetts Boston
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