UMass Boston

Protests and Demonstrations

UMass Boston recognizes the rights of members of the University community to freedom of assembly and speech, and strongly believes in fostering discourse and the free exchange of ideas at the University. However, as a matter of law and University policy, these rights and interests are restricted, and must be exercised on University property in a manner consistent with the mission and operation of the University and the rights of other members of the University community. Accordingly, the University has policies and procedures which take into account these countervailing interests. The Protest and Demonstration Policy is included in full within the University Space Use Policy (Section XI).

  • Protest and Demonstration Policy
  • Disruptive Activities
  • Procedures and Response Guidelines
  • Advance Space Arrangements
  • Protests in Spaces that Have Not Been Reserved
  • Counter-protests Protest and Demonstration Duration
  • Noise Level and Amplified Sound
  • Building and Space Occupancy
  • Flyers, Posters, Banners and Signs
  • Policy Application
  • Demonstration or Protest Concerns

Protest or Demonstration Concerns
The University has established several avenues for departments, student organizations, external organizations and guests that may have concerns regarding the Demonstration Policy, Procedures and Response Guidelines.