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Space Use & Reservation Policies

The following policies govern both formal and informal use of space at UMass Boston. These guidelines apply to all buildings, spaces, and facilities, and exclude private and department managed spaces. Review the more commonly referenced scheduling and event policies provided below or download the full University Space Use Policy.

Location Policies

Academic Spaces - Events in Classrooms

Academic classes have priority over all other uses in classrooms and auditoriums. Outside of instruction, these spaces can be used for meetings, lectures, and other events. The Event Services team schedules classrooms for all non-class related bookings. 

Classrooms and auditoriums are opened for non-class related bookings according to the following schedule:
» April 15 | For fall semester requests
» November 15 | For January and spring semester requests
» February 15 | For summer session requests

» Requests for classrooms/auditoriums are not accepted during the course registration add/drop period at the beginning of each semester.

» Classrooms/auditoriums are not available during exam periods.

» Classroom furniture cannot be rearranged, added, or removed.

» Food and beverages are not permitted in auditoriums.

» The final ten minutes of a reservation period must be used to clean up and vacate the space. Any food/leftovers must be removed from the room and disposed of in public area trash receptacles. 

» AV Services and Classroom Technology provides technology support in classrooms/auditoriums. They must be contacted in advance for support of meetings and events in academic spaces.

Amplified Sound (Music, Microphones, etc.)

Amplified sound in open spaces is limited to avoid disruption to classes and essential operations. During regular business hours and while classes are in session, amplified sound is permitted within enclosed spaces only (ballroom, food court, conference rooms). Exceptions may be granted with advance notice during the hours below. Event Services may deny the use of amplified sound if sufficient advanced notice is not provided.

Campus Center

Weekdays:   11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m., or after 5 p.m.
Weekends:   All day
  • Only the Event Services in-house AV equipment may be used during the times listed above.
  • DJ/Musician/external sound equipment is limited to Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m. or on weekends.

Integrated Science Complex

Weekdays:  11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., or after 5 p.m.
Weekends:  All day

  • The video walls/microphones in the first and third floor atriums can be used during the times listed above.
  • Events with music are limited to weekdays after 5 p.m. or on weekends.

University Hall

Weekdays:  Prohibited
Weekends:  After last scheduled class

Review additional information in the Space Use Policy

Location Request vs. Assignment

Requests for a specific room or location will be taken into consideration; however, locations are scheduled based on priority, the needs of the event, and the most efficient use of space. Event Services reserves the right to reassign space with appropriate notice, signage, and price changes.

Rain/Snow Locations

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient space on campus to provide same-day rain locations for outdoor events. We can provide a "rain date" no less than three weeks after the original event date. Please plan accordingly.

Severe weather or other states of emergency may require the shutdown of the university campus. If the university is closed due to severe weather, snow, or other inclement weather, all UMass Boston events may be canceled. University event staff monitor weather conditions routinely and will contact event sponsors if there is cause. If cancellation is by the university or the requestor due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions, an alternate date can be arranged based upon availability.

Additional information in the Space Use Policy

Weekly Meetings and Block Space Holds

Meeting space is in high demand and space is available for the entire university community to share. A reservation request may be denied if it monopolizes the same space on the same day each week, consecutive days, or for extended periods of time. Event Services may deny any reservation request for a large block of space(s) on consecutive or ad-hoc dates, unless part of a single conference or event.


Booking Deadlines

The reservation system allows requests to be submitted up to 365 days in advance. Requests that may require setup, equipment, or staffing must be received at least seven days (or five business days) prior to the reservation date.

The seven day deadline provides sufficient time to coordinate staffing schedules, equipment assignments, and guarantee all event logistics.

Last-minute requests must be limited to a preset/fixed space and should be requested by calling the Event Services office directly.

Instructions on how to submit space requests in 25Live

Reservation Confirmation

Typical turn-around time on reservation requests is 3 to 5 business days. Responses may take longer at peak times of the year (e.g. first and last weeks of the semester). All space requests should be considered tentative until you receive an email confirmation from the Event Services office.

Additional information on reserving space in 25Live.

Reservation Changes, Additions, Cancellations

To allow for planning, staffing, equipment availability, and proper setup, all changes/cancellations must be received five days before the reservation date.
To change or cancel an event scheduled by the Event Services office, please send us an email with your reservation reference (e.g. 2020-ABCDEF) and details of the change or cancellation. Read more about Reservation Changes, Additions, Cancellations  »

Food and Beverage

Serving Food - Exclusive Caterer

UMass Boston Catering and Dining Services is the preferred food and beverage vendor on university property. The requirement that UMass Boston Catering provide all food services on campus reduces risk, makes certain that food and beverage service meets University standards, and provides our community with the following assurances:
» All food service personnel are vaccinated in compliance with UMass Boston vendor vaccination requirements;
» Food is transported, stored, prepared, and served under the guidance of licensed, insured, code-compliant vendors;
» Faculty, staff, students, and guests are shielded from foodborne illness;
» Food and beverage service meets university standards for sustainability;
» Upholds UMass Boston’s commitment to vendors that provide full benefits and a living wage to their employees. Read more about Serving Food - Exclusive Caterer  »

Non-Catered Services

Delivery and carry-in options are permitted for small meetings and office gatherings of no more than twenty-five people. These may include pizza delivery, grocery/deli trays, bakery refreshments, or a small food order that is picked-up, transported and setup by the event organizer. These are considered low-risk food services. For food safety and liability reasons, home prepared food may not be offered at events. Read more about Non-Catered Services  »

Serving Alcohol - Caterer

Alcohol must be purchased and served by our exclusive on-campus caterer. UMass Boston Catering will apply for and secure a Special One-Day Liquor License from the City of Boston at least 4 weeks before the event. City of Boston One-Day Alcohol License Requirements for Caterer

Serving Alcohol - Campus Approval Steps for Event Host

The department hosting the event must receive approval from the University by submitting the Request to Serve/Sell Alcohol form at least 4 weeks before the event.  Read more about Serving Alcohol - Campus Approval  »

Other Considerations

ADA Accommodations

The University of Massachusetts Boston is committed to the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities and continually improving the accessibility of our campus, programs and activities. UMass Boston requires that events hosted on campus are in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended in 2008. If you are coordinating an event on campus, and have questions about ADA compliance or have received accommodation requests from your guests, please contact UMass Boston Event Services at least three weeks prior to your event so that we have time to discuss and plan for your needs. Read more about ADA Accommodations  »

Event Staff Fees

Your event may require campus staff to work outside of regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to setup or support your event. In these instances, the department hosting the event is responsible for covering the hourly rate of the staff.

Overtime staff assignments are indicated on your Event Confirmation (sent to your university email address and viewable online in your 25Live account). When applicable, the department speedtype provided with your reservation request will be charged automatically after the event. Please be aware, there is a four hour minimum charge per staff assigned. As outlined in the collective bargaining agreement, a meal stipend may be charged to your department’s account in addition to the hourly rate.

Overtime Staff Roles:
» SETUP CREW | Prepares spaces according to the instructions listed on the Event Confirmation. This includes but is not limited to setting up chairs, tables, stages, etc.

» EVENT MAINTAINER | Assigned to events taking place in the evening or on weekends when the guest count exceeds 125 attendees. Maintainers may be utilized if additional resources including tables and chairs are needed. They also assist with general trash removal and facility related issues. A Maintainer will be assigned 30 minutes before and after your scheduled event times.

Follow the "read more" link to open the collective bargaining agreement. Read more about Event Staff Fees  »

Protests and Demonstrations

UMass Boston recognizes the rights of members of the University community to freedom of assembly and speech, and strongly believes in fostering discourse and the free exchange of ideas at the University. However, as a matter of law and University policy, these rights and interests are restricted, and must be exercised on University property in a manner consistent with the mission and operation of the University and the rights of other members of the University community. Accordingly, the University has policies and procedures which take into account these countervailing interests. Read more about Protests and Demonstrations  »