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Event Planning Guide for Departments

The following information is intended for UMass Boston faculty and staff that are coordinating meetings and internal events on campus. If you are planning a conference or large public event, you may find it useful to review some of the information and resources provided on the External Event page.  

Steps to plan and coordinate a successful event at UMass Boston.

Step 1 | Check dates, spaces, and equipment in 25Live: UMass Boston's Event & Meeting Scheduling System

Step 2 | Review Categories of Use, Scheduling Privileges, and Fee Schedule
All activities scheduled in university spaces fall within one of the following categories:

First Priority University departments and student organizations
Second Priority University co-sponsored or affiliated programs
Third Priority External group events and private individual events

​​​​​​You can review additional information on the Rental Rate Categories & Insurance Requirements page. If you fall into the second or third priority categories, rental fees will apply and you will receive a cost proposal and event contract from Event Services. 

Step 3 | Arrange Event Logistics 
You may need to coordinate with other departments on campus to arrange additional event logistics. The following links will provide details and contact information for the various service providers on campus.

Depending on the framework of your event, additional staff services may be required to provide support. These services may include grounds keeping, cleaning, and/or safety. Event Services can coordinate with these departments on your behalf. Charges for their services may apply.

Step 4 | Finalize Your Reservation
Review your event reservation and verify the following:

  • Final headcount has been provided to Event Services and the catering office;
  • Equipment listed on your reservation is accurate;
  • Confirm timing with all service providers supporting the event, including expected arrival times and any other relevant information (e.g. AV Services and Catering).

If at any time you have questions, please contact the Event Services office. We are happy to help walk you through the event planning process.

Event Services
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