UMass Boston

Rate Categories & Policies

To review the full framework we use to categorize each reservation, as well as discounts and adjustments we offer, please open the document referenced below. If we can help you categorize your upcoming reservation, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

On average, 90% of the meetings and events booked on campus do not carry rental fees for space or equipment. We consider these reservations our first priority.

Event Rate Categories & Policies

First Priority

Internal Meetings and Events
Meetings and events in our first priority category are initiatives of UMass Boston, developed for the sole benefit of the UMass Boston community and do not involve external partnership or external funding.

Second Priority

University Discount Rate
Meetings and events in this category are initiatives of UMass Boston, however the primary audience may be external guests, there may be a partnership with a non-university organization involved, and/or external funds supporting the event.

Fees for space (discounted) and equipment

Third Priority

Meetings and events that are assessed at the Standard Rate are initiatives of a private company, a nonprofit organization, or an individual and are considered our third priority.

Fees for space and equipment