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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Offerings at UMass Boston

Discover the array of resources and upcoming events designed to support your well-being and enhance your campus experience.

KORU Mindfulness ®

KORU Mindfulness is a national program developed at Duke University by mental health professionals, tailored to meet the needs of college students. It equips students with immediate tools to manage stress and improve overall well-being. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation practices offered in KORU sessions can enhance sleep quality, reduce stress, build resilience, and improve relationships. Studies also show potential benefits in memory and academic performance. 

Drop-In Sessions

Drop-In Meditations

Life can be hectic; take a moment for quiet reflection at our drop-in mindfulness sessions. Whether you attend regularly or occasionally, these sessions are open to all UMass Boston students, staff, and faculty.

Stay tuned for Fall 2024 session times. Please email if you would like to request a specific time or share your interest.

Mental Health First Aid Training

MHFA teaches participants how to recognize and respond to signs of mental health challenges and substance use disorders among adults. Gain skills to support peers in crisis and connect them with appropriate resources.

About Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Training Objectives

Participants will learn to identify symptoms, interact with individuals in crisis, and practice self-care techniques. 


Who Should Attend?

Ideal for student leaders, faculty, staff, coaches, and anyone working with young adults.

Signing Up for MHFA at UMass Boston

Stay tuned for more dates for Fall 2024. For questions, please get in touch with

Narcan Kits (Drug Harm Reduction Kits)

Narcan (naloxone) is a life-saving drug that reverses opioid overdoses by blockig opioid receptors in the brain. Free Narcan Kits are available to all UMass Boston community members at UHS.

The Importance of Narcan

Carrying Narcan provides critical support in emergencies, potentially saving lives before professional help arrives. 

How to Use Narcan

Learn how to use Narcan from a UHS provider during pickup and through our instructional resources in all kits! Below are some additional resources:

Obtaining a Narcan Kit at UHS

UMass Boston students, staff, and faculty can access free drug harm reduction kits, which include Narcan, fentanyl, and xylazine test strips, and overdose prevention information. 

To Request a Narcan Kit (Drug Harm Reduction Kit):

  1. Call UHS General Medicine's front desk (617-287-5660) and say that you want to pick up Narcan. (You do not need to provide your name)
  2. Our team will put you on the schedule with a UHS provider. Our receptionists will ask you to ask for that specific provider when you come in.


At the Time of Pickup:

  1. Arrive at UHS General Medicine (Quinn Administration, 2nd Floor) and let the receptionists know you are there to see [provider's name].
  2. The provider will call and bring you to a patient room to review the kit's contents for a few minutes. 

sExpress (Safer Sex Delivery)

Enjoy discreet access to free safer sex supplies through our sExpress service. Order online for delivery to your Parcel Pending locker (for on-campus residents only) or pick up at University Health Services.

About sExpress

Through an online form, students can order a variety of materials to be discretely delivered to their Parcel Pending Lockers OR order to be picked up at UHS. sExpress is a great way to learn and try out new products.

Available Supplies Include:

  • Emergency contraception (Levonorgestrel Tablet 1.5 mg)
  • Latex and latex-free external condoms
  • Flavored latex dental dams
  • Personal lubricant
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Educational resources on consent, STIs, and HIV testing and prevention

How to Order

Complete our online form and receive your supplies within 2 business days!

  1. Click on the order form and sign in.
  2. Fill out the order form.
  3. You will get an email when your envelope will be delivered to the Residence Halls or be available for pickup at UHS.


Need Supplies ASAP?

Students can get free condoms in the UHS Lobby (Quinn Building 2nd Floor). Students can also access emergency contraception for free by appointment at UHS. 

Substance Use and Addictive Behaviors Support Group (SUAB)

Join our bi-weekly support group designed for individuals navigating addictive substances and behaviors. Find community, share experiences, and access resources for recovery and beyond.

For inquiries, email

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Explore these offerings and participate in upcoming events to prioritize your health and well-being at UMass Boston. For more information, contact

General Medicine
All departmental services are located in the Quinn Administration Building, 2nd floor.
Phone: 617-287-5660
Fax: 617-287-3977
Counseling Center

24/7 Crisis Phone Support

Phone: 617.287.5690
Fax: 617.287.5507
Health & Wellness