My Health Beacon Portal

What is the My Health Beacon portal?

The My Health Beacon portal is a secure system that can be used to schedule and/or cancel appointments, send secure messages to and receive secure messages from your health care provider, view lab results, as well as enter and view your immunization information.

How do I log into the health services portal?

Students can log into the My Health Beacon portal here.  If you are having trouble with your login username or password, contact the IT service desk at 617.287.5220.

Please note: University Health Services takes student privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Because the log-in information is the same for the health services portal as it is for your email account, help us protect your privacy - please be aware that by sharing your log-in information with anyone, you are also granting them access to your private health information that is contained in the portal.

I am logging into the My Health Beacon portal for the first time, what are the first steps I should take?

1.  Review the information on the home page of the portal, it provides important information about what the My Health Beacon portal is and what you can use it for.

2. Select the Profile tab to review your profile and make sure that the information contained there is correct and up-to-date. You can edit your mobile phone number and choose your mobile phone carrier. By choosing your mobile phone carrier you are giving University Health Services permission to send you text reminders of appointments that you schedule, either through the portal or over the phone, with our office.

3.  Explore the My Health Beacon portal! You can see where and how to schedule or cancel your future appointments with University Health Services, how to send messages to your health care providers, enter, view and print your immunization information, and complete any necessary forms.

What information is included in my profile?

In your profile you will see your date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, mobile phone carrier, local address, and your emergency contact.

How do I schedule an appointment?

When you click on the appointment link, you will be brought to a page with information about what to know when scheduling an appointment. After you have read the information on this page, you will click on “schedule an appointment.” On the page that opens, we ask that you read the information provided to you on this page, select the category that your visit reason falls into and hit continue. You will then be asked various questions to determine if your symptoms qualify as an emergency, and if so, who you should call.

If your symptoms do not qualify as an emergency, you will be directed to a screen showing you the available dates and times for your visit. The provider available for that visit is also available. Please book your appointment with your primary care provider from our office whenever possible.

Pay close attention to the instructions on the screen that appears after you select your appointment date and time. You may need to complete a clinical questionnaire PRIOR to your appointment. Once you click on “Book” you will be brought to any questionnaire that is required for you to complete. You must bring your health insurance card to all visits.

We require that you notify us one hour in advance if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we can offer the appointment to another patient. You can cancel your appointment by calling our office or by cancelling the appointment in the My Health Beacon portal.

What type of appointments can and should be scheduled using the health services portal?

Currently, only appointments for General Medicine can be scheduled using the health services portal. To schedule an appointment for the Counseling Center please call 617.287.5690. You can schedule appointments that fall into the following categories for General Medicine:

For a list of services provided click here

What is secure messaging? 

Secure messaging is a safe, confidential way for you to communicate with the medical and billing staff in University Health Services.
Using this tool, you can:

These messages are delivered to your provider through our electronic medical record system and become part of your medical record.

Important facts about secure messaging:

How do I send and receive messages from my health care provider?

What forms are included in the forms section? Do I need to complete all of them?
This section includes the following forms, which are available to all students to be completed online:

What information is included on the Immunizations page?

The Immunizations page includes the dates of the immunizations that you have provided to UHS. This Immunization section is where you can print out your immunization record as well as see what immunizations are still necessary for you to receive or submit.

Using this page to print out your immunization records saves you a trip to the office if you need a copy. 

Emergency Situations

If you are experiencing chest pain, severe shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, allergic reaction, or other possibly life-threatening condition, contact emergency services immediately. Call 911 if you are off-campus or call 617.287.1212