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BeaconFlex FAQ

Welcome to BeaconFlex! UMass Boston’s own flexible teaching modality modeled on the Hyflex model. BeaconFlex was designed with student success first in mind, offering students a unique, flexible, and holistic approach to taking classes. In this teaching modality, students are not required to register to take the class either remote or in-person, but have the choice to attend either way for each session allowing them flexibility and freedom to participate.

Visit the BeaconFlex Teaching Model and BeaconFlex Teaching Guide pages for more information. Read below for answers to frequently asked questions about BeaconFlex. 

Who should teach BeaconFlex?

Faculty who would like to give students the opportunity to learn on campus or remotely, thereby improving enrollment as well as student success.

How do I get my class listed as BeaconFlex?

First, discuss the modality with your department chair and decide if the course is something you would like to change to BeaconFlex. If approved by the Chair and Dean, they will send details to the Office of the Provost for confirmation of the available submission to the Registrar’s Office, after which you will be informed of the modality change, and the WISER notes will be updated.

Who sets attendance expectations for students?

Faculty work with their department chairs to set attendance expectations which should be listed in the Class Notes field of the Class Schedule in WISER so that students can plan accordingly. View Example

View Example



How do I do exams and tests with BeaconFlex?

Allowances should be made for both face-to-face and remote exam options. We highly recommend reviewing the BeaconFlex Teaching Guide and consulting with an Instructional Designer to learn more about options that meet your needs. Options include Blackboard tests, Gradescope and there are ways to address academic integrity.

Is it difficult to teach in the BeaconFlex mode?

BeaconFlex employs technology that faculty used during the emergency remote learning mode during the Covid-19 pandemic. The technology is easy to use and adopt. Training prior to teaching BeaconFlex is always provided for technology, and Instructional Designers are available for pedagogical advice and course design assistance.

What kind of training do I need to teach with BeaconFlex?

Training will be provided for all the AV equipment in the classroom. IT/Ed Tech teams will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with the technology and are comfortable teaching in the spaces designed for BeaconFlex. We will reach out prior to the start of the semester to review training opportunities and continue to work with you through the semester to ensure you have a successful semester. If you would like to learn more please email Zack Ronald or Apurva Mehta.

Why is this option being offered now?

Building upon lessons learned from the emergency remote learning period, we learned that there was a need for flexibility, in both in-person learning and remote. BeaconFlex allows this flexibility. It also became quite apparent that students learn differently. How could we make a difference that allows all students to succeed? BeaconFlex offers one of those solutions. This flexibility in student engagement with their coursework yields necessary near-term benefits for students, providing them with the option for in-person interaction with faculty and peers. Beyond the current circumstances, BeaconFlex will help our campus serve an increasingly diverse student body who may benefit from an increased likelihood to stay on track with their coursework and path to graduation.