Put Something on Reserve

The Reserves Department handles reserve requests.  We place books and films on print reserve; we can assist with preparing digital content for use in Blackboard.

Please submit your reserves requests as soon as you're able!  Materials submitted three weeks prior to the start of a semester will be ready for students to use by the first day of class. Materials submitted during the first week of a semester may take up to a week to be processed.  Books that need to be ordered will take 2-4 weeks to arrive and be processed. 

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Library Drop-Off Locations

  • Circulation Desk, 2nd floor, during regular hours.
  • Reserves Office, 4th floor, 8AM-4PM.

Consultation & Questions   

Print Reserve Guidelines (for books and films)

  • Any book or DVD in the Library Catalog can be placed on reserves. 
  • You can request that we purchase required books and films for your course.
  • You may temporarily loan personal copies, or donate them, for reserves use. 
  • Most books and films placed on reserve circulate for 3 hours and can be taken outside the building.
  • Faculty may also choose a one-day loan, a two-day loan, or a one-week loan period.

Note: Due to budgetary concerns, purchase requests are being approved on a case by case basis. If you can provide a personal copy or desk copy for reserves, it would be greatly appreciated!

E-Resources and Digitization Guidelines (for articles and book chapters)

Healey Library can provide high quality, ADA compliant chapter scans in support of your course.  If your requested content is available electronically, persistent links will be provided. 

  • Please allow 1 week for scanning services at the start of a new semester
  • All requests must include complete bibliographic information
  • Scans will be emailed to you as PDFs
  • Articles will be emailed to you as PDFs or persistent links
  • Streaming video access will be provided as persistent links
  • All content provided to students must be ADA compliant
  • Healey Library can provide course content but does not have Blackboard admin privileges

In compliance with fair use guidelines, the following restrictions apply.  You may request:

  • A copy of only one article from any one journal, one periodical, or one newspaper issue (e.g. New York Times, 6/2/1953).
  • A copy of only one chapter or not more than 10% from any book or other monograph (conference proceedings; miscellaneous report, unpublished paper etc.).
  • A copy of only one poem, short story, or essay from a single volume whether or not from a collected work.
  • A copy of only one drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, one journal, one periodical, one journal, or one newspaper issue.

For more in-depth information, see our copyright policy.

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