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BeaconCard (UMass Boston ID)


  • Special Spring Break Hours (3/12-3/16): Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00

You can get your BeaconCard in McCormack Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 615

What you need to get a BeaconCard:

What if the university misspelled my name?

What can I do with my UMass Boston BeaconCard?                                               

What benefits can I get with my UMass Boston BeaconCard?    

For students who have paid tuition and associated fees, the following benefits are available:

Staff members are not eligible for these benefits.

BeaconCard Prices:

A BeaconCard is provided to all students if paid via the student bill. 
If not, the cost is $25

BeaconCard Care:

Please take proper care of your BeaconCard to prolong its use and avoid replacement fees.

Your Responsibility:

The BeaconCard is an identification card; please carry it with you at all times and do not allow others to borrow it. Possession of a borrowed, false, or altered ID is a serious offense, which will subject the bearer to disciplinary action. 

Lost Cards:

If you have lost your BeaconCard, please visit the BeaconCard Office immediately. If you cannot go immediately, please notify Public Safety immediately at 617.287.7799. Public Safety will then notify the BeaconCard office and/or Access Control.


If you are planning to have a large group of students obtain cards as part of an orientation or otherwise, please email Rita Haidul-Campbell at least 3 business days in advance with the list of names and ID numbers and the date/time you are requesting to obtain cards for the group.

Door Access:

Your BeaconCard can be activated with permissions that grant you card access to spaces around campus that are equipped with card readers.

Have the Director (or designee) of your department send an approval authorization to which includes:

Full legal name
Student or Employee ID#
Space(s) requested
Access end date

Your permission will be added to your BeaconCard within 24-48 hours after review.

For Access to doors within the Campus Center only:  Fill out this form, have it signed by your department Director, and send it to Campus Center Administration in UL 330.
If the Campus Center approves the request, it will be submitted to OneCard Services, and your card will be ready within 24-48 hours.

BeaconCard Office

McCormack 2-615
Monday- Thursday: 8:30-6:00, Friday: 8:00-4:00
Rita Haidul-Campbell,
OneCard Financial Coordinator

OneCard Services

McCormack 2-614
Steve Heaslip,
Director of OneCard Services