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Student Employment


Student Employment Services (SES) lines up jobs that help you pay for college while focusing on your studies. SES is part of Financial Aid Services in the Division of Enrollment Management, located on the 4th floor of the Campus Center. SES uses the Handshake website to list all of the opportunities available in the Federal Work-Study and Non-Work-Study (Institutionally Funded) programs, including community service opportunities

Disclaimer: Student Employment Services reserves the right to modify and update Student Employment guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures, as needed and without notice, to comply with governmental and University regulations. Please remember that companies listed on Handshake do not have any affiliations with UMass Boston. While we make every effort to make sure the information is from secured sources, use your discretion when reviewing employment opportunities.

Employment Categories

Hiring Process For Students

What is a Student Employee?

A UMass Boston Student Employee is a student that holds a part-time, non-benefited position with the University or its partners. Positions may be limited to work-study eligible students or eligible non-work-study students. Student employees often work on campus in academic offices and student services to assist the operations of each department. Students may also work outside of school with local organizations and public service agencies.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be actively enrolled in classes during the term of employment with the exception of Summer term. Review the terms of Eligibility for Student Employment.
  • Federal Work-Study - Students must qualify and be awarded with a federal work-study award
  • Non-Work-Study (Institutionally Funded) - Open to all eligible actively enrolled students

Types of Work

  • On-campus positions with academic, administrative, and student services departments
  • Off-campus work-study positions in community service and with local businesses
  • Off-campus part-time and seasonal jobs with local businesses

How to Apply

Students should set up an account on our online job portal, Handshake, to view the job listings. Follow the application procedures provided on each job listing.

Pay Rates

Student employees are paid on an hourly wage. The rate of pay corresponds to the Pay Grade Level of each position:

  • Pay Grade Level II: ($15/hr)
  • Pay Grade Level III: ($15.25-$15.50/hr)
  • Pay Grade Level IV: ($15.75-$16.75/hr)

After being hired, what’s next?

  • Once SES receives the request from the hiring department, students will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the required pre-employment paperwork. Review this Pre-Employment Checklist for an overview. Once the paperwork is submitted, it’s evaluated by SES and then forwarded to HR for their approval.
  • Students should not start work until they receive an authorized start date from SES.
  • All student employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis via direct deposit. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that their time is reported accurately. 

Conditions of Employment and Expectations of a Student Employee

  • Student employees are expected to perform their jobs at their best effort and present themselves in a courteous and professional manner to other students, staff, faculty, and the public.
  • Student employees are expected to adhere to the policies of their work department and seek clarification with their supervisor when questions arise.
  • Student employees are expected to follow the guidelines in Student Employment Eligibility.

Hiring Process For Supervisors


View the Hiring Manager Checklist for an overview of the process

How to Post a Job

The hiring department will need to complete a job description that highlights the details about the responsibilities and duties of the position. Student Employment Services (SES) will evaluate the Pay Grade Level based on the information provided and provide the job number.

Jobs Posting and Interview Process

Student positions are listed via the online job portal, Handshake. Students will follow the application procedures as instructed on the job description. Departments may choose their selection of candidates for interviews and present an offer to the selected candidate once a decision is made. Departments will need to submit the online Student Employment Inquiry form to initiate the paperwork and payroll process.

Pre-Employment Process

Once Student Employment Services receives the Student Employment Inquiry, the student will be contacted with instructions to fill out the pre-employment paperwork needed before starting the position. Students are not allowed to work prior to the completion of the pre-employment paperwork. The department will receive a confirmation email with the authorized start date from which employment may begin once Student Employment Services verifies the work eligibility of the student.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF)

The Department will submit the ePAF hiring form after receiving the email confirmation from Student Employment Services. ePAF should be submitted in a timely manner according to the timeline dates on the confirmation. ePAF review may take up to two weeks to process.

Timesheets and Payroll

Departments are required to maintain verifiable records of weekly timesheets of hours worked by the students. Timesheets must be reviewed by the supervisor and inputted into HR Direct by the Department Timekeeper on a weekly basis. All timesheets must reflect true and accurate hours worked. Falsifying a timesheet is a fraudulent act and a violation of University policy. Timesheets hours that are not verifiable or are improperly documented on a work-study student will be charged back to the department as non-work-study hours. It is the Department’s responsibility to ensure all timesheet hours are accurate and submitted in a timely manner. Timekeeping access on HR Direct can be requested through the Human Resources office.

Conditions of Employment - Supervisors

  • The hiring department is required to submit a job description form on each student position before a job can be posted or offered to a student.
  • Departments cannot allow students to work prior to the completion of the pre-employment paperwork and receipt of an authorized start date. 
  • Departments are responsible for providing the necessary training and resources needed to help the students perform their job successfully. Departments should review their office policies with the students and are encouraged to conduct evaluation and provide constructive feedback to help students with performance and behavioral improvements.
  • Departments must submit timesheets in a timely manner to prevent payment delays to the students.
  • Departments must keep accurate timesheet records and monitor the work-study balance or departmental budget to prevent overspending.