UMass Boston

Resources for Employers

If you are on-campus or an off-campus contracted agency and looking to hire a student:

  1. Complete a Job Description. No student employment position can be filled without a job description. All student jobs are now listed on the web and are assigned job numbers. If the job you want to fill has not been assigned a job number yet, call SES at 617-287-6320 or e-mail to get the appropriate paperwork to list your position. To obtain a job description form you can come to Student Employment Services, we can send a form via mail or fax, or download Job Description Form.
  2. Advertise the Position. Contact SES to have us advertise your job description as "FWS Required," "FWS Preferred," or "FWS Optional." Employers solely wishing to utilize the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program should list their jobs as "FWS Required." Employers who would be willing to hire students through the Institutional (CC) Student Employment Program can list their opportunities as "FWS Preferred" or "FWS Optional" (FWS provides a 75% subsidy from the federal grant.).
  3. Review the Conditions of Employment. Before interviewing any student, be sure to review the Conditions of Employment in the Student Employee Handbook. You cannot hire a student through the student employment programs who does not meet the conditions.
  4. Interview and Select a Student Employee. No common application or interview criteria exist for hiring students beyond the standard university regulations prohibiting discrimination, etc. You should determine the best way to collect the information you need from applicants and how you will select the student you wish to hire.
  5. Refer the Student to SES to complete pre-employment paperwork. Students who have not previously worked on campus must be sent to  SES to for paperwork. If students have questions about what IDs to provide, "Hiring Steps for Student Employees" will assist him/her in the process. Students may not work until the I-9, W-4, and PA forms are complete.
  6. Complete the Student Personnel Action (PA) Form. Once employment eligibility has been verified, the student will bring a signed Confirmation Form to you with a date authorized to begin work.  Do not send the PA until you receive this form from your new hire.  Rehires do not need to redo pre-employment paperwork unless otherwise notified.  The PA must be completed by the employer and submitted to SES. (The PA may only be submitted to SES after the student's I-9 and W-4 are on file with the office.) SES will validate the data on the form to be entered by  Human Resources.  Review the PA for accuracy before submitting it. The most common delays are caused by items that are left blank by employers (e.g. no account number, no pay rate, no job title, no job description was filed, etc.).
  7. Time Sheets. Departments are required to use the official student time sheet available on the HR web site. To obtain a copy, download Timesheets. Students are required to indicate the hours worked per week on a time sheet. The hours worked should be checked, and the time sheet signed by the supervisor.  The supervisor is responsible for submitting the time sheet to the appropriate person (Payroll Office, the Department's Payroll Coordinator, or SES) to ensure the students hours are entered into the payroll system. The office responsible for entering the hours into the payroll system is also responsible for maintaining copies of the time sheets for (3) three years after the fiscal year closes.

If you or the student have any questions about the hiring process or the status of the student's paperwork, call SES for an update.