UMass Boston

Rest Periods & Wage Guidelines

Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis in accordance with the Sunday through Saturday payroll week. The process is dependent upon where you are working.

Timesheets and Paychecks
Students must sign in and out to record their daily hours worked.  You must sign in at the start of your shift and sign out at the end.  If you leave work to go to class, you must sign out.  If your supervisor does not provide a sign in timesheet to you, contact Student Employment Services immediately.  All hours must be verifiable, properly documented and authorized by your Supervisor to be approved for payment.  Paychecks are issued bi-weekly on Fridays.   You must update your address with Human Resources, in addition to WISER.

On-campus Positions
If you are working on-campus, your name will appear on the department's student timesheet. Each week, you and your supervisor are responsible for reporting your daily hours to the department's payroll coordinator. The payroll coordinator will input the hours online to the Human Resources Direct Payroll system. Follow your department's deadline to submit your timesheets for timely payments.  

Off-campus FWS Positions
If your position is at on off-campus FWS site, your name will appear on a set of time sheets provided to your off-campus employer, once your paperwork has been processed. You and your supervisor must complete a timesheet each week and return it to SES by 11 am on the Monday following the completed work week. As with on-campus timesheets, your supervisor will be responsible for reporting the number of hours you worked each day.

Direct Deposit
Student employees have their paycheck directly deposited into their checking or savings account. You may sign up for direct deposit online through HR Direct Self-Service  or pick up a paper request at SES or Human Resources Office. Paystubs are available to download online through HR Direct Self-Service.  If your address changes, please notify Human Resources.

Rest Period

Students who work in 3+ hour-shift should have a 15 minute paid break.

Students who work in a 6+ hour-shift are required to take a 30 minute meal break. This break is unpaid and is in addition to the 15 minute paid break. The student should sign out on the department's time roster at the beginning of the meal break and sign back in at the end of the meal break. The 30 minute meal break requirement is based on Massachusetts state law.

The scheduling of breaks is determined by the employer. However, break periods may not be taken to cover late arrival or early departure from work. Break periods may not be accrued or used at a later date. (Student employees are not allowed to work shifts in excess of 8 hours.)

Wage Guidelines

The following wage guidelines are used by Student Employment Services (SES) in assigning hiring wage rates and pay increases for student employees. These guidelines help ensure a level of wage equity across campus for students performing similar responsibilities. Each student employment position is assigned to one of four grade levels based on the answers to a corresponding Job Description Survey, which evaluates the level of responsibility based on the following factors: Nature of Work; Knowledge/Experience Required; Supervision Received; Supervision Exercised; and Confidentiality. Positions with similar survey ratings are assigned to the same Grade Level.

Supervisors intending to employ students must first submit a job description form to SES. In conjunction with the supervisor, SES will review the position and assign the appropriate Grade Level. Once a hiring decision has been made, the student may be offered a starting pay rate based on the ranges below.

Grade Hiring Range Effective September 11, 2022: General Description
II. $15.00/hr Effective September 11, 2022 pay for Grade II has been revised to reflect the new minimum wage increase for Massachusetts. The pay will be at $15.00 per hour. Positions in this level complete basic or routine tasks with set defined procedures to tasks with a broader scope and large impact. Students hired will have little to some previous experience. Students will receive supervision and training is often required.
III. $15.25 - $15.50/hr Positions in this level complete high level tasks requiring interpretation and independent judgment. Previous experience is necessary to complete tasks, which have a broad scope and impact. Typically students work independently, and supervision of other students is often involved.
IV. $15.75 - $16.75/hr Positions in this level complete complex, significant tasks, involving independent interpretation and development of procedures. A high level of knowledge or previous experience is required. Students work independently, and often exercise significant levels of supervisory responsibility over other student employees.


Additional Responsibilities
If a student has taken on additional responsibilities or has been promoted to a new position within the office, the student's pay rate should be adjusted to fall within the hiring range for the Grade Level of the new position.  If the position has not previously been listed, SES will need a revised job description on file documenting the new responsibilities/position.