UMass Boston


We ask that you follow the rules as laid out below.

  1. We are happy to provide all our services free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff at UMass Boston. To reiterate: we don’t charge for any use of the lab or equipment, nor for the materials or time used to print something. However, the MakerSpace is for learning and is not intended to be used for large-scale production. MakerSpace supervisors reserve the right to reject print requests or ask you to provide your own materials or make other arrangements if you are printing more than we can support. Please don’t be afraid of this limitation, and instead consider this a challenge! If you are concerned that your project will require above average printing resources, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to plan.
  2. The MakerSpace, and our services and equipment are provided “as is”, with no implied warranty or guarantee of availability or use. Our facility is a place of learning and exploration, not a professional production facility. If you have a project with critical expectations for timing or precision, you should contact us to discuss if it's something we can feasibly assist with, or alternately look into some of the commercial MakerSpace facilities in the area or online.
  3. It is absolutely forbidden to use the MakerSpace for the following types of items: Any kind of weapon, weapon-accessory, realistic weapon replica. Any offensive item. Anything that violates copyright or patents. Anything intended to be used for illegal purposes. Anything against the UMass Boston Student Code of Conduct. MakerSpace management reserves the right to interpret these rules and refuse client's work on a case by case basis. (Though we hope we never have to!)
  4. Do not use equipment without first working with MakerSpace staff to fully understand their use, and get approval to do so.
  5. When you are finished your work, clean up your work area and return the equipment to its original state.

Be Creative – Respect the rules – explore, inquire, engage and most importantly have fun!