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Creative Services

Marketing & Engagement's Creative Services Department provides branding, graphic design, and editorial services for the university’s leadership, colleges, and administrative offices. We offer a wide variety of print formats, a vast and continually updated library of digital images, and writing and editing expertise—all of which help us to better tell your story.
UMass Boston requires that all university marketing publications be produced by or in collaboration with Creative Services. Please use the Creative Services Request Form to start a project.

Timing & Process

The earlier we learn about your project, the more we can help. Production timelines can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the number of concurrent requests. If you plan your project well in advance, we will be able to work together to achieve the best possible result in the shortest amount of time.

Typical notice needed:

  • Simple, small projects (e.g., invitations, signage): 4-6 weeks
  • Complex, large projects (e.g., program books): 3+ months

After you have submitted your request, a representative will contact you to discuss your project and begin the planning and scheduling process. Have a quick question? Get in touch at (not a substitution for the request form).

Logos, Fonts & Templates

Download the UMass Boston logo, fonts, emblem, PowerPoint templates and other visual brand assets:

Two fonts—ABC Whyte an ABC Arizona Serif—are specified in the style guide for use in publications and web projects. The university has obtained licenses for these fonts, which can be shared without charge with offices that regularly do design work. Arial and Georgia fonts may be used as alternatives in self-serve products, such as Adobe and Microsoft suites.


Contact Us

Creative Services Staff

Rose Coveney
Senior Graphic Designer

Ed Hazell
Associate University Editor

Wendy Lanchester
Assistant Director, Marketing and Creative Services

Anne McLaughlin
Senior Writer/Editor

Chansavanh Phanthalangsy
Senior Graphic Designer

Javier Rivas
University photographer/videographer

Sarah Weatherbee
Director, Marketing and Creative Services

Paul Weiner
Digital graphic designer