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McCormack Scholars

The mission of the McCormack Scholars at UMass Boston is to encourage and facilitate holistic student success and to foster greater community engagement between McCormack students, the UMass Boston community, and the wider Boston metropolitan area.

Student scholars sitting together


Who We Are

McCormack Scholars is an officially registered club/student organization at UMass Boston. McCormack Scholars are current UMass Boston students who demonstrate a keen sense of leadership and a desire to further the success of their fellow-student colleagues at UMass Boston. They represent different programs and cohorts across UMass Boston. The purpose of McCormack Scholars is to encourage and facilitate student success through community engagement. Through a consensus-led approach, we design each meeting’s format and choose guest speakers based on what is most important to students in the school. Meetings include workshops and group discussions led by mentors, guest speakers, and peers.  

Become A McCormack Scholar

McCormack Scholars membership shall consist of currently enrolled UMass Boston Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. students within and outside the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. 

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