UMass Boston

Donna M. and Robert J. Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Dean’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Donna M. and Robert J. Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences! We are a college devoted to excellence, diversity, and anti-racism.  As the most diverse, and one of the leading colleges of Nursing and Health Sciences in the Northeast, coupled with a growing national and international reputation, we are sure that your time here will be filled with inspiring, challenging, scholarly and personal opportunities to build your careers.

The Donna M. and Robert J. Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences will support you in reaching your educational goals.  We also envision your success will breathe life into our mission and vision leading to promoting and improving health and well-being, while eliminating health inequities across Massachusetts, the nation, and the globe.  We will support and guide you as you become a force for improving both individual and community health while also working to reduce the enormous health inequities that exist in our society today.  We envision you will become a change agent for improved health, transforming our society to a point where health inequities no longer exist.   

The Donna M. and Robert J. Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the University of Massachusetts Boston’s staff, faculty, and administration are your larger support community committed to your success. Individually and collectively, our talented faculty, staff and students will strive to help you become a Beacon of Success.  Our aim is to help you thrive by providing you with an intellectually rich and inclusive environment that fosters your growth toward professional and scholarly work so you can advance population health and health equity in practice, leadership, or research positions.

Our faculty are nationally and internationally known for their research and scholarly work in prevention and health management across the life course and are specialists and experts in cardio-metabolic health, cancer care, sexual health, maternal and child health, aging adults, digital health, physical activity and exercise, from intervention to policy research in the context of community engagement. Our staff are committed to developing your body, mind, and spirit and will often go the extra mile because they see themselves in you. We also seek to learn from each other by valuing and respecting the diversity of our students from many countries, cultures, perspectives, and experiences in health care, exercise, and health behaviors.

We cannot wait for you become a BEACON! Every moment of your time with us contains possibilities that can change your life in every way.

Stay open to those possibilities!

All the best,

Bo Fernhall, PhD

Dean of MCNHS