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Clinical & Internship Placements

Clinical & Internship Placements

The Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences uses a number of tools to help you with the placement process. For health clearances, FERPA Waivers, and background checks students must use Complio. For placements, students must use InPlace Smart Placement Solutions. Your clearance information submitted and verified by Complio will be integrated with InPlace.


Complio is an online application by American Data Bank where you will submit documents to verify your health clearances, your FERPA waiver form, and background checks. All data that has been submitted through your Complio account will automatically integrate with your InPlace account.

Introduction to Complio

Before logging in, please read and understand the Complio User Guide For Students. It is recommended to download and save the User Guide for future reference. 

To access Complio, click on the link below. If you are new to Complio, click on the link below and create a new account. You must use your UMass Boston email address

Please note that although the final step involves payment, MCNHS will be covering all charges and invoices. 

If you are experiencing any issues with logging in or using Complio, please email or call 800-200-0853 (9am - 8pm EST Mondays-Fridays; 10am - 6pm EST Saturdays). 


InPlace Smart Placement Solutions is the new cloud-based software that all MCNHS students will be using for managing clinical placements and internship opportunities required for graduation. Students will be able to view their clearance criteria from an online dashboard, view upcoming placements, and graduate nursing and EHS students can create their own placements. Graduate Nursing students can also continue to log their clinical hours in the InPlace Logbook feature.

Introduction to InPlace

Before logging in, please read and understand the InPlace User Guide. It is recommended to download and save the User Guide for future reference. 

Log In Instructions

  1. You will be redirected twice: once to InPlace log in screen, then again to the UMass log in screen. Click or tap on the link below to access the InPlace login screen.
  2. Click or tap on the top blue button that says "Staff & Students".
  3. You will see the UMass login page for secure Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. Log in using your UMass Boston email username (before "") and your password, then select Boston as the campus.
  4. If this is your first time logging in, you must read the Terms and Conditions and accept.

If you are experiencing any issues with logging in or using InPlace, please email! Include your name, student ID number, and which MCNHS program you are enrolled in. Please do not use this help line for inquiries related to Complio.

IMPORTANT: It is university policy that all students are required to use their UMass Boston email accounts for all correspondence, no exceptions. Messages from a personal or non-UMass Boston email domain will not receive a response. 

Unauthorized use prohibited. Use of this service means you agree to all UMass Boston IT Services Policies.

If you have forgotten your email password, please refer here to reset it.