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Campus Security Authority Reporting

Reporting a Crime

The University recognizes victims or witnesses of a crime may choose to be or are unable to, make such report. We also recognize that some people may refer to other individuals to report a crime. The Clery Act recognizes certain University officials as “Campus Security Authorities (CSA).” An Official is defined as any person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.” Campus Security Authorities can report a crime using the following form.

 Campus Security Authorities (CSA.

The Form may be submitted online, faxed 617.287.7755 or mailed to the Department of Public Safety at:  

University of Massachusetts Boston
Department of Public Safety
100 Morrissey Blvd. Quinn Building
Dorchester, MA. 02125-3393

Clery Act Crimes and Reportable Locations

Apart from the online form, the following University Departments or locations have been officially designated as places where campus members should report crime:

Official Campus Address Phone Number
UMass Boston Police Department Quinn Building, Plaza Level (617) 287-7799
Office of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs University Campus Center 4th Floor, 4100 (617)287-5800
Office of the Dean of Students University Campus Center 4th Floor, 4015 (617) 287-5899

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Quinn Building 3rd Floor, 0025 (617) 287-4818
Nantucket On-Site Director 180 Polpis Road, Nantucket, MA (508) 228-5268

To report a crime that occurs at an off-campus location, contact the appropriate local police department. In the case of an emergency it is always best to dial 911 and follow the procedures outlined above. UMBPD does not provide law enforcement services to any off-campus university properties not contiguous to the UMass Boston campus nor are activities recognized off-campus without prior authorization from the University and the University Department of Student Life.

For the purpose of reporting a crime to the City of Boston Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police, or the Nantucket Police Department, we include the business numbers for those agencies, as well as other UMBPD contacts below. UMBPD will upon request, assist students with notification to any local police agency.

Contact Phone Number
On or Off-Campus Emergencies 911
Non-Emergency UMass Boston Police Department (617) 287-7799
Rape Crisis Hotline

(800) 870-5905

(800) 223-5001

Boston Police Department (District 6) and Community Affairs

(617) 343-4730

Boston Police Department (District 11) and Community Affairs

(617) 343-4330
Massachusetts State Police (Troop H) (617) 740-7710
Massachusetts State Police (Troop D-6)

(508) 228-0706

Nantucket Police Department Non-Emergency (508) 228-1212
Family and Children Services Nantucket Behavioral Health Services (508) 228-2689

Other UMass Boston resources available to provide assistance to the victim or witness of a crime include:

Contact Phone Number
Dean of Students Office (617) 287-5899
TIPS line (617) 287-7777
Office of Diversity and Inclusion/ Title IX Coordinator (617) 287-4818

Additional Contact Information

If you have questions on the Clery Act, the role and responsibilities of a CSA and/or the CSA online training option, contact the

University Police Clery Coordinator: Det. Lieutenant Clara Molina

  • Phone: 617.287.7794
  • Email:

Title IX Coordinator: Brigid Harrington 

  • Phone: 617.287.7391
  • Email:
UMass Boston Police
Quinn Administration Building, 1st Floor, Room 100
Emergency: 911
Cell Phone Emergency: 617.287.7777
General Information: 617.287.7799
Police Dispatch: 617.287.7780, 617.287.7781
Police Tip Line: 617.287.5555