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Functional & Access Needs

UMass Boston is an extremely diverse community. All of the information on this page applies to every student, visitor, faculty or staff member that traverses our campus. It’s important that every individual on campus thinks about how a disaster can affect them, and what their personal needs may be during an emergency situation.

My Personal Emergency Plan

My Personal Emergency Plan prompts all members of the university's community to ask pertinent questions that will help ensure preparedness before an emergency situation occurs:

  • Who will you call?
  • Where will you go if you cannot go home?
  • If you cannot leave your home, do you have enough emergency supplies?

Before an emergency occurs, thinking about phone numbers, meeting places, and supplies you may need will allow you to focus your attention on the actual emergency, if or when it happens. Download this document and use it to develop your own personal emergency plan.  Share this plan with your family members and be sure to update it annually.  

Download a copy of "My Personal Emergency Plan" today! 

FEMA Pamphlet - 3 Steps to Prepare

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Basic Emergency Supply List

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