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Gibbs Scheduler


Gibbs is now using the Slurm scheduler. 

Slurm is a free and open-source job scheduler for the Linux kernel used by many of the world's supercomputers and computer clusters. There is significant documentation available via the man pages. Try 'man sbatch' for submission related commands and 'man sstat' for status queries.


(Can use sinfo to see partition. Jobs submitted will choose nodes in billing weight order, unless specified otherwise)

Partition Name #Nodes           Billing weights
cpu mem gpu
GTX670 gibbs[01-08] 0.125 0.031G 0.25
TITAN gibbs[11-12] 0.207 0.052G 0.415
GTX780 gibbs[13-15] 0.261 0.065G 0.521
K20 gibbs[09-10] 0.386 0.096G 0.772
GTX980 gibbs[18-36] 0.207 0.026G 0.828
K80 gibbs[16-17] 0.588 0.037G 1.176

All the partitions have 4 GPU's except K80 with 8 GPU's.

Jobs can be submitted using the 'sbatch' command, generally followed by the name of the submission script.  Common command line options are included in the sample scripts. A full listing can be found in the man pages ('man sbatch'). Status of queued or running jobs can be obtained via the 'sstat' command. 

A generic sample script is available, as well as select submission scripts for specific applications, which can be found in their Application Pages.

Torque vs Slurm Commands

Description Torque Slurm
Submit a job qsub [file] sbatch [file]
Job hold qhold jobid scontrol hold jobid
Cancel a job qdel scancel
Release a job qrls [job_id] scontrol release
Job status qstat [job_id] sstat OR scontrol show jobs
Queue list qstat squeue
Node list pbsnodes  -l sinfo  --Node OR scontrol show nodes
Cluster status qstat sinfo

Job Specification

Script directive #PBS #SBATCH
Queue -q [queue]    none - see QoS
QoS           none  --qos=
Node Count - l  nodes=[count] -N [min[-max]]
CPU Count -l ppn=[count] OR -l
-n [count]
Wall Clock Limit -l walltime=[hh:mm:ss] -t [min] OR -t [days-hh:mm:ss]
Standard Output File -o [file_name] -o [file_name]
Standard error File -e [file_name] -e [file_name]
Event Notification -m abe --mail-type=[events]
Email Address -M [address] --mail-user=[address]
Job Name -N [name] --job-name=[name]
Memory Size -l mem=[MB] --mem=[mem][M|G|T] OR --mem-per-cpu=
Account        none --account=[account]
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