All full-time and part-time UMass Boston students in a degree-granting program, who pay tuition and associated fees, are eligible for a free individual membership to recreation.  This includes use of the:

*During open recreation times

 Students must first obtain a Beacon card and current semester sticker from the ID office and then register at the Beacon Fitness Center.

Faculty & Staff

All faculty and staff are eligible to purchase individual memberships to Recreation (as listed below) at the Beacon Fitness Center or they may enter on a per diem basis for $10.00 with a valid faculty/staff ID.  

This includes use of the:

 *During open recreation times

Faculty/Staff options:

Type Dates Price
Monthly auto-recurring payroll deduction only, $8.30 bi-weekly
Summer 6/1/18 – 8/31/18 $75 (Cash, Check, or 3 consecutive payroll deductions of $25 each)
Academic Year 9/3/18 – 5/31/19 $200 (Cash, Check, or 8 consecutive payroll deductions of $25 each) 
Fall Semester 9/3/18 - 12/31/18 $100 (Cash, Check, or 4 consecutive payroll deductions of $25 each)
Spring Semester  1/7/19 - 5/31/19 $125 (Cash, Check, or 5 consecutive payroll deductions of $25 each)
30-Use NA $75 (Cash or Check) 

Faculty/staff must present their faculty/staff ID at the Beacon Fitness Center located in McCormack Hall.

Checks and money orders are acceptable and can be payable to UMass Boston Athletics.

You must be a full-time benefited employee to qualify for the payroll deduction method.



Alumni must first obtain an ID from the Alumni Office and then contact to register.

Alumni options:

Type Dates Price
Annual 7/1/18 - 6/30/19 $216 (Cash or Check) 
Summer 6/1/18 – 8/31/18 $75 (Cash or Check) 
Academic Year 9/3/18 – 5/31/19 $200 (Cash or Check)  
Fall Semester 9/3/18 - 12/31/18 $100 (Cash or Check) 
Spring Semester 1/7/19 - 5/31/19 $125 (Cash or Check) 
30-Use NA $75 (Cash or Check) 

Membership Privileges

Registered members may sign in a guest at least 18 years of age for a day pass; $10.00 (maximum of 2 guests).

Guest passes must be purchased in person at the Beacon Fitness Center. (Pool guest passes may be purchased at the pool) 

Insurance Reimbursement 
Please contact your healthcare provider for details. Member Services can provide a letter of documentation if needed but also keep your application form. Contact 


The Community Clark Pool

All residents of UMass Boston and the local community (anyone) are eligible to purchase a membership to the Clark Pool at the following rates below:

The Clark Pool membership may be purchased at the Beacon Fitness Center (1st floor of the McCormack building) or by going to the link below for more information.

2018 - 2019 Membership Application

Membership runs: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

(All rates are prorated halfway through the year)

Type Price
Individual $125
Youth (Must be age 16-20. Proof of age required) $30
Senior Citizen (Must be 62 or older) $75
*Family $160

*Family consists of parents and their dependent children as listed on family’s income tax form.

Residents may also choose to use the pool on a per-diem basis at the following rates:

Individual: $10.00 Family: $25.00