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CSM Faculty Senate

The Senate is the governing body representing faculty (both full- and part-time), undergraduate and graduate students, and members of the staff of the College of Science and Mathematics. It is composed of faculty representatives from each department and program in the college. The right of members of the College of Science and Mathematics to participate in decisions affecting their responsibilities and careers is a basic right and gives substantial authority to the Senate. The Senate is the primary instrument by which this right is exercised on matters of college governance. 

AY 22-23 CSM Senate Members
Chandra S Yelleswarapu, Assoc. Prof., Physics, Chair (2021 – 2023)
Karla Schallies, Lecturer Biology, Secretary (2021-2023)
Daniel Dowling, Assoc. Prof., Chemistry, Associate Chair (2021 – 2023)
Oleg Lazarev, Asst. Prof., Mathematics (2021-2023)
Kellee R Siegfried-Harris, Assoc. Prof., Biology (2021-2023)
Tiago Cogumbreiro, Asst. Prof., Computer Science (2021-2023)
Kenneth K Fletcher, Asst. Prof., Computer Science (2022-2024)
Michael B Rahaim, Asst. Prof., Engineering (2022 – 2024)
Jonathan Rochford, Assoc. Prof., Chemistry (2021-2023), TT at-large member
Joel Fish, Assoc. Prof., Mathematics (2022-2024), TT at-large member
Maxim Olchanyi, Prof., Physics (2022-2024), TT at-large member
Glover Martin, Lecturer Biology (2022-2023) ), NTT at-large member
Mridula Satyamurti, Senior Lecturer II, Chemistry (2022-2024), NTT at-large member
Moriah Roache, Administrative Manager, Phys. & Eng. (2021-2023), Staff at-large member
Maureen Title, Administrative Assistant, Mathematics (2022-2024), Staff at-large member
Steven Jackson, Prof., Mathematics (2022-2024)*
Katherine Gibson, Assoc. Prof., Biology (2022-2024)*
Eric Steele, Physics, Graduate student representative
Aidan Remington, Mathematics, Undergraduate student representative

* Will not be able to attend Fall 2022 meetings due to conflict of time with teaching

Committees of the CSM Senate:
Executive Committee
Chandra S Yelleswarapu (Physics, Chair)
Karla Schallies (Biology, Secretary)
Steven Jackson (Mathematics, Associate Chair)

Academic Affairs Committee
Catalin Zara (Mathematics, Chair)
Walter Buchwald (Engineering)
Mohamed Gharbi (Physics)
Qingjiang (Vince) Li (Chemistry)
Catherine McCusker (Biology) 
TBA (Computer Science)

Elections and Referenda Committe
Ping Chen (Engineering, Chair)
Chandra S Yelleswarapu (Physics)
Steven Jackson (Mathematics) 

Advising, Counseling, Registration, and Student Support Services Committee
Brian White (Biology)
Stephen Arnason (Physics)
Dan Dowling (Chemistry)
Swami Iyer (Computer Science)
Joel Fish (Mathematics)

College Personnel Committee
Bela Torok (Chemistry, Chair)
Alfred Noel (Mathematics) 
Ping Chen (Engineering)
Christopher Fuchs (Physics)
Dan Simovici (Computer Science)
Alexey Veraksa (Biology)

Senate Schedule: CSM Senate is scheduled to meet every second Monday of the month, except for holidays then the meeting is moved to third Monday. All meetings are held from 2:30-4:00pm. In AY 2022-2023, CSM Senate is scheduled to meet the following Mondays: September 12, October 17, November 14, December 12, February 13, March 13, April 10, and May 15. 

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