Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to frequently asked questions that we have received regarding parking at UMass Boston. The responses below reflect our current plan.


Are previously purchased parking passes, including Multi-Park passes, going to be able to be used when the new rates are implemented?
No, but there will be an opportunity for the university to buy back any unused passes.
Will the prices automatically change for any uses left on Multi-Park passes?
Multi-park passes will not be offered after the implementation of the new rate structure. However, there will be an opportunity for the university to buy-back any unused passes.
What will happen for those who currently purchase the Long-Term pass?
They will have to purchase either a monthly or a semester pass.
How will Long-Term pass holders be charged at each different lot given they use all of the lots now?
Pass usage will be limited to corresponding lot(s) for that lot’s rate. For example, a Bayside Lot pass is good at Bayside only; a garage/campus pass is good at all on-campus parking locations.
Will the Bayside Lot pass work on campus lots on weekends and holidays?
Yes, there will be a weekend rate established for all campus parking of $10 per day on weekends and holidays. If the Bayside Lot is closed, those who have a Bayside Lot pass will be able to park at on-campus parking locations.


Will there always be a lower cost option available (even after Bayside is no longer available)?
Bayside is anticipated to be available for the next few years and any subsequent rates will be determined in the future.
Can short-term parking rates be set for 1 ½-hour and 3-hour increments to better align with class schedules?
Yes, the rates will be set at 1 ½-hour and 3-hour increments to best align with class schedules.
What will be the price of the semester passes?
  • Semester Pass for new students: Garages: $840/semester; Bayside: $504/semester.
  • Semester Pass for continuing students: $410. Grandfathered rate applies to Bayside Lot only.
  • The Semester Pass for faculty/staff is currently being bargained with the unions
What is the proposed cost to park at the satellite lots? Will it be the same cost as parking at Bayside?
Bayside will be the only remote lot. The daily rate for students will be $9 (with option to buy semester/monthly passes). Rates for faculty and staff presently being bargained with the unions.
What are the proposed rates for parking in the Campus Center Garage?
The rate for the Campus Center Garage will be the same as the rates for West Garage and for Lot D—$15 per day (with option to buy semester/monthly passes). Faculty and staff rates are presently being bargained with the unions.
Why doesn’t the university use a salary-based graduated parking permit fee structure?
This type of fee structure is administratively burdensome, i.e., confidential salary information needs to be provided, administered, maintained, and updated for all parkers. They tend to reduce and devalue parking revenue. It’s a best practice that parking and transportation programs be self-sustaining this has been a challenge, as parking rates have remained flat while expenses have increased significantly. If the scale is based on a percentage of wages, then permit revenue can stagnate or decrease when wages don't increase or when there are layoffs. At the same time, expenses to provide transportation and parking services are likely to continue to increase. Salary doesn’t always equate with ability to pay.

Parking Availability

Will staff and students who buy a Semester Pass for the new garage be guaranteed a space in the garage each day?
There is no guarantee of space availability at any campus parking locations. The recent study conducted anticipates that West Garage will not reach capacity during the first few years.
Where will handicap (HP) parking be available and what will the rates be?
HP parking will be available in the Campus Center Garage, West Garage, and Bayside Lot. The rates established for these parking locations will apply.
Does the new parking plan include Bayside being open on weekends and holidays?
The Bayside Lot will be closed on weekends and holidays, unless there is a large scheduled event that requires the lot to be open. There will be a weekend/holiday rate of $10 for on-campus parking locations. The rate for faculty and staff is presently being bargained with the unions.
Will there be reserved spots in the garage with a monthly fee?
Yes, reserved parking is being explored as an option for faculty and staff.