Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to frequently asked questions that we have received regarding parking at UMass Boston. The responses below reflect our current plan. If you do not find an answer to your question kindly email

Please note that the parking fee information set forth below applies only to UMASS students, visitors, employees who are either not in any collective bargaining unit (unrepresented employees), or who are in bargaining units which have reached parking agreements with the University: Local 1596, Graduate Employee Organization United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) and International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 25. The University continues to meet its bargaining obligations regarding parking with those units which have not yet reached agreement with the University.

Please note also that employees in bargaining units which have not yet reached parking agreements with the University can continue to park at Bayside, Lot D and the Campus Center Garage at Academic Year 2017-2018 rates until the parties reach parking agreements.


Are previously purchased parking passes, including Multi-Park passes, going to be able to be used when the new rates are implemented?
No, but there will be an opportunity for the university to buy back any unused passes.
What will happen for those who currently purchase the Long-Term pass?
They will have to purchase either a monthly or a semester pass.
How will Long-Term pass holders be charged at each different lot given they use all of the lots now?
Pass usage will be limited to corresponding lot(s) for that lot’s rate. For example, a Bayside Lot pass is good at Bayside only; a garage/campus pass is good at all on-campus parking locations.
Will the Bayside Lot pass work on campus lots on weekends and holidays?
Yes, there will be a weekend rate established for all campus parking of $10 per day on weekends and holidays. If the Bayside Lot is closed, those who have a Bayside Lot pass will be able to park at on-campus parking locations.
Can short-term parking rates be set for 1 ½-hour and 3-hour increments to better align with class schedules?
Yes, the rates will be set at 1 ½-hour and 3-hour increments to best align with class schedules.
What will be the price of the semester passes?
  • Semester Pass for new students: Garages: $840/semester; Bayside: $504/semester.
  • Semester Pass for continuing students: $410. Grandfathered rate applies to Bayside Lot only.
  • The Semester Pass for faculty/staff is currently being bargained with the unions
What is the proposed cost to park at the satellite lots? Will it be the same cost as parking at Bayside?
Bayside will be the only remote lot. The daily rate for students will be $9 (with option to buy semester/monthly passes). Rates for faculty and staff presently being bargained with the unions.
What are the proposed rates for parking in the Campus Center Garage?
The rate for the Campus Center Garage will be the same as the rates for West Garage and for Lot D—$15 per day (with option to buy semester/monthly passes). Faculty and staff rates are presently being bargained with the unions.

Parking Availability

Will staff and students who buy a Semester Pass for the new garage be guaranteed a space in the garage each day?
There is no guarantee of space availability at any campus parking locations. The recent study conducted anticipates that West Garage will not reach capacity during the first few years.
Where will handicap (HP) parking be available and what will the rates be?
HP parking will be available in the Campus Center Garage, West Garage, and Bayside Lot. The rates established for these parking locations will apply.
Does the new parking plan include Bayside being open on weekends and holidays?
The Bayside Lot will be closed on weekends and holidays, unless there is a large scheduled event that requires the lot to be open. There will be a weekend/holiday rate of $10 for on-campus parking locations. The rate for faculty and staff is presently being bargained with the unions.

MBTA Pass Program

How can I purchase an MBTA pass?
The Office of Transportation Services located on the 2nd floor of the Quinn Administration Building Room 02/70, open Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M.- 5:00 P.M. You must be an active student to get the discount, please bring valid photo identification.Please bring form along with the payment in full. You may also mail us the form along with a valid money order.
How much is the discount? What time period does the pass cover?
It is 11% off the total price of a full semester pass. The MBTA Fall Semester Pass Program covers a full fall semester, Sept 1 – Dec 31.
When is the deadline?
The deadline is AUGUST 3, 2018. No purchases are accepted after the deadline!
Can I buy just a single month pass?
No, we only do semester pass programs.
Does a Commuter Rail Pass also work on regular Subway Lines?
Yes, purchasing any of the zone passes 1A-10 will grant you access to all Subway lines and local bus and trackless trolley routes. The form will have a breakdown of the coverage for each zone on the back.
How do I pay for the pass? Can I use my debit/credit card?
Only CASH and MONEY ORDERS are accepted. No Cards or checks allowed.
I live far away from campus, or will be away during the week of the deadline, how can I submit and order form?
You can mail the form along with a money order. Please ensure all money orders are addressed to UMass Boston as well as the following, Office of Transportation Services, Quinn Administration Building 2nd floor room 02/70. Be aware that the money order must be for the full amount of the pass. we do not accept unsigned money orders.

New Parking Fees

How will cash paying customers pay the new fee according to salary? Will we have a system to know how to charge cash paying employees?
Customers paying by cash or debit/credit cards have 2 options: $9/day for Off-Campus parking at Bayside or $15/day for On-Campus parking at Lot D, Campus Center Garage or West Garage. Discounts apply for customers who elect to pre-tax payroll deduction only.
Will multi park passes still be available? Can you purchase multiple multi park passes?
Multi-park passes will no longer be offered in the new fee schedule.
What will the hours of operation be for the West garage?
The West Garage will be open for business 24 hours/day.
What happens if someone has an On-Campus parking pass and all on campus lots are full?
On-Campus parking passes will be programmed to function at all campus lots
What happens if someone has a Bayside parking pass and the Bayside lot is full? Will the customer be required to pay the difference?
Customers who park in one of the On-Campus lots will be charged the rate for On-Campus parking. It is not anticipated that initially our lots will be filled to capacity.
Will the West Garage be open by the first day of school?
Yes, the exact date will be announced shortly. It is our goal to have the new West Garage open before the Fall Semester begins.
Will payroll deduction and financial aid still be accepted as forms of payment for semester passes?
Yes. Additionally students can charge a semester pass to their tuition bill.
Can a student employee pay student prices?
Only full-time students and part-time students who are not employees will pay student rates. Graduate student employees represented by GEO will pay their contractual rates
What lot will the reserved spaces be in? Will any of the reserve spots be in the campus center?
Reserved Parking is slated for the West Garage only at this time.
How does someone sign up for reserved parking and beginning when?
Reserved Parking application forms will be uploaded to our website, click "read more" to be redirected, and at the Transportation Service counter: Quinn Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Rm:02/70. Read more »
We are contingent employees and not on the university payroll, but we do work here and use the same parking lots as everyone else. What rates will we pay?
Employees of campus partners can either pay for parking at the established daily rates or purchase monthly passes at a discounted rate and should see their employer for further details
I volunteer two days a week and currently I buy a 30 multi-park pass. What parking payment options will be available to me?
Multi-park passes will no longer be offered in the new fee schedule. You may park at any open parking facility and pay the corresponding daily rate
I am a graduate student here at UMB. As such, I am here 5-7 days a week. Will semester passes be made available to graduate students?
Yes, graduate students will pay student rates. Graduate student employees covered by GEO will pay their contractual rates.
Will there be a different daily fee for the garages and lots depending a person’s proximity to campus?
Yes, there are only two principal rate structures: one for On-Campus (West Garage, Campus Center Garage and Lot D) and Off-Campus (Bayside)
I have lots of money left on my multi-park pass. Will this be useable and adjusted for the new parking fees?
Any money left on your expired cards will be refunded or credited to your new pass
I am a full-time staff employee and my long term pass is taken directly out of my paycheck. Will the long term passes continue from old to new or will I need to purchase a new one?
You will have to purchase a new pass. Long-term monthly or semester passes will continue to be offered as pre-tax payroll deduction if you choose such.
I work in CAPS year round. For the summer and winter semesters, will the prices still be the same for parking?
Yes, parking fees are not seasonally dependent. Discounted monthly passes are available for year round employees.
Will handicapped employees or students have to pay higher fees on campus because they cannot make it to the cheaper lots?
HP parking is available at both On-Campus and Off-Campus, including the lower cost Bayside parking lot, serviced by a complimentary ADA accessible, kneeling, shuttle bus.