The University

Parking Costs

Cash Rates

If you wish to pay cash, the following rates apply:

Payment is required for every visit to a lot.

Prepaid Passes

Prepaid semester, monthly, and multi-park passes are available at reduced rates.

Semester passes are valid from the first day of classes through the last day of exams. You may use a semester pass as often as you wish during this period, even several times a day if necessary. Students may have their semester pass added to their term bill. The rates are:

Monthly passes permit unlimited parking, but only during the calendar month for which they are purchased. The rate is:

Multi-park passes are valid for the number of “uses” purchased. Only one use is deducted per calendar day; during any given day, you may leave and return as often as you like. The rates are:

You can buy all prepaid passes at the Office of Transportation Services (Quinn Administration Building, 2nd Floor) or the UMass Boston Bookstore (Campus Center, Upper Level). Semester passes that are to be billed to you must be picked up at the Office of Transportation Services. All returned checks are subject to a fee. Please note that rates are subject to change.

For further information about passes, please contact the Office of Transportation Services at 617.287.5041

Overnight Parking

All parking lots will be closed each night. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited unless authorized. Authorized vehicles are subject to the daily rate.