Handicapped and Van-accessible Parking

Person in a wheelchair in a group of people talking

The Office of Transportation Services is committed to a welcoming environment. We exceed the number of handicapped spaces required by law and monitor accessibility to meet the needs of our community.

Vehicles parked in our handicap parking spaces must display a current, temporary disabled placard or have a current, registered disability plate. Handicapped and van-accessible spaces are located in the:

Do not park in a van-accessible space with a standard vehicle, even if you have an appropriate placard or plate. If you do so, you will be ticketed

Please direct questions about handicapped-accessible parking to Parking and Transportation Services at 617.287.5041.

To apply for a disability plate or placard, go to the website for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. When applying online you should expect a 30 business day wait to receive your placard by mail. If you would like to receive your placard on the same day, you may apply in person at the Haymarket Service Center located at Haymarket Center, 3rd Floor, 136 Blackstone Street Boston, MA. This is the only office that will issue same-day placards, provided you have a properly completed application and acceptable supporting documentation. For more information, please visit Haymarket RMV Service Center.