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Youth Programs

Each year, the University of Massachusetts Boston is proud to host hundreds of area youth in a diverse array of programs. Some programs offer academic enrichment. Others focus on sports and outdoor activities. All offer participants exposure to our waterfront campus and university atmosphere. It is our hope to one day welcome these youth as UMass Boston students!

The information contained on this webpage is for university-led programs. If you are an outside group and wish to use UMass Boston space, please visit Event Services: External Clients.

Program staff who are anticipating bringing their youth to the Food Court need to contact Dining Services in order to coordinate arrival times and appropriate ordering options. Program staff need to be with the youth in their program at all times while they are in the cafeteria and make sure the noise is kept to at an appropriate level as university employees and students will also be using the Food Court.

Getting Here

The University of Massachusetts Boston’s physical environment is being recreated to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. Implementation of the campus master plan is well underway with continued construction work throughout campus. Get more information here.

On-Campus Programs

Off-Campus Programs

University Coordinating Committee

Charter and Members of the Committee

The Youth Program Coordinating Committee is comprised of key departments from Administration and Finance, Provost’s Office, and Student Affairs. The Committee is charged with coordinating support services and promoting the best practices in youth programs sponsored by UMass Boston both on the main campus and off-site locations.

Key Forms/Documents/Information


Youth Program Participant Application
  • If you would like your child to attend a youth program on the University of Massachusetts Boston campus, please fill out and return the Youth Program Application packet to the appropriate program. Be sure to check with the specific program to find out when the closing dates for accepting applications are.
  • Youth Program Participant Application

Program Director Checklist

1. Register Your Program
  • You must register your program and complete background checks prior to its start date. Please confirm vendors and other agents also comply with background checks, and retain records as outlined in the policy.
  • Youth Program Registration Form
2. Hire Staff for Program
Staff Information/Forms

Please confirm that you have the following standards, emergency and medical information for your staff. These files are kept within the program in a secure location and are separate from HR documents.

Contact Human Resources

As you are planning for the programs, please consider the following personnel processes and reach out to HR for coordination six weeks prior to the start of the program:

  • Hiring and Onboarding
    • New Hires: Onboarding request (name, email, dept, start date) to and then department initiate ePAF
    • Returning Hire with 1yr Break in Service: Process as new hire
    • Returning Hires with Less Than 1yr Break in Service: No onboarding needed, proceed with ePAF
  • Background Check: CORI/SORI
    • New Hires: Background check with CORI/SORI is included in the pre-employment package
    • Returning Hires with More Than 6mo Break in Service: Initiate background check by emailing to
    • Returing Hires with Less Than 6mo Break in Service: Proceed with ePAF
  • Background Check: Fingerprinting
    • If the program will be hosting students under the Departmental Development Services (DDS), fingerprinting checks may be needed in addition to CORI/SORI
    • All Hires: Initiate fingerprinting checks by emailing to
  • Payroll Processing
    • Departments are responsible for initiating ePAFs and keeping/entering time records
    • All Summer hires will be hourly, 03 hires. If the program requirements are different (such as stipends, covering living expenses), please reach out to HR at
    • Any time keeping questions, please reach out to HR at
  • HR Contacts:
Staff/Volunteer Background Checks
  • UMass Boston is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone on its campus and in its programs. This includes the minors who participate in programs and activities both on and off campus. All employees and volunteers must complete a successful background check to participate in programs by completing the MA Criminal Offender Information (iCORI) and Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) screens. UMass Boston also runs fingerprint-based screening of employees and volunteers who will have unsupervised contact with persons with an intellectual or developmental disability.
  • Please expect that CORI/SORI screens can take up to two weeks, and the fingerprinting process can take up to a month to be completed. Departments who are sponsoring any youth programs should reach out to HR to initiate planning at least six weeks prior to the program start date.
3. Collect Applications from Program Participants
4. Contact Transportation
5. Develop Program Policies and Plans
  • For program administrators, the university has created the a guidance document to plan and address emergency operations for your program. Each program administrator should work with the core document to develop emergency operations plans for your specific program and modify the document as needed. The final plan should be part of your administrative paperwork for your program.
  • Youth Programs Guidance
6. Train Staff
  • Make sure to provide adequate staff to supervise the program. Assess the number and average age of participants and the type of activities.
  • Under no circumstances shall Program Staff be permitted to be alone with a minor in a car or other vehicle.
  • Have all staff members complete free online training on Concussions: 
7. Schedule Fire Drill
  • Schedule a fire drill for the first day of the program by contacting OEHS.
Injury or Incident Report