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Photo of bright blue beach appears Mediterranean taken by student abroad Claudia Gonzalez.
Global Programs

Giving Your Support

Online Giving

UMass Boston’s Office of Global Programs has four transnational initiatives for students, faculty, and staff to support their learning, teaching, research, and professional development in global-urban contexts. Please consider supporting initiatives such as:

  1. Global-urban service learning-oriented study abroad programs related to global health issues
  2. Faculty study abroad program for research, teaching, and global-urban community engagement
  3. Staff study abroad program for professional development related to transnational/transcultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and disposition development
  4. A scholarship for study abroad experiences

Your contribution will directly go to the Office of Global Programs to evenly support the initiatives listed above. If you want to support specific program(s) among the four initiatives, please identify the matter in the comments section located in the bottom of the webpage.

Prior to your contribution, if you want to know more about the program's mission, aims and scope, and discuss your gift idea(s), please contact the office.

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