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At UMass Boston, we welcome and support international students and scholars.

We know that adjusting to a new environment can be challenging, and that's why we're here to help. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and support you need to thrive during your time with us. Whether you're looking for help navigating life on campus, in the city, or in the country, we have a range of resources and services available to you. 

Keeping Up with the Beacons

Check out the Office of Global Programs “Keeping Up with the Beacons” Newsletter which is sent via email throughout each semester. Keeping Up with the Beacons is a student initiative in the Office of Global Programs from our fabulous student staff. These events provide the opportunity for you to explore the Boston area, as well as get involved with UMass Boston.

Spring 2024:

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 1 2-15-24

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 3-7-24

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 4-8-24

Fall 2023: 

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 3 Fall 2023

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 2 Fall 2023

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 1 Fall 2023

On-Campus Resources

Tutoring Programs: Academic Support Programs offers a variety of tutoring and tutorial formats to support students in their undergraduate and graduate coursework including subject tutoring programs, the Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center, the Graduate Writing Center, and tutoring workshops each semester.

Ross Center for Disabilities: The mission of the Ross Center is to serve as a resource for the UMass Boston campus community in order to ensure academic and housing access and inclusion for students by promoting a view of disability informed by social, cultural, and political forces. The Ross Center strives to create inclusive academic environments by advancing universal design throughout the university. We accomplish this by providing academic accommodations, resources, and training in assistive technology, and information to increase the understanding of disability throughout the university community.

Dean of Students Office: The Dean of Students Office is a central resource for students, staff, faculty, and families. We assist our community in navigating academic, personal, and social challenges through support, advocacy, and accountability. Students should contact the Dean of Students Office any time a concern arises and they do not know where to go for assistance.

Health & Wellness: University Health Services is committed to providing quality medical services and education to enhance and promote the health and well being of the university community. Find information on health insurance, on-campus general medicine and counseling, health and wellness programs, and health resources on their website:

  • Also see the Recreation department for intramurals, fitness and wellness programs, waterfront activities, and informal recreation nights:

Career Services & Internships: The Office of Career Services & Internships is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where students of all backgrounds and identities feel respected, celebrated, and valued and are empowered to pursue lifelong career development. We strive to help all students and alumni feel confident in their career decision making journey. Our team is continuously developing programs and resources to support students and alumni in taking pride in their unique identities and contributing to a multicultural and global workforce.

Housing at UMass: UMass Boston is here to help you with both your on- and off-campus housing needs.

Student Multicultural Affairs (SMCA): Student Multicultural Affairs at UMass Boston strives to build a university community in which different cultural viewpoints and diverse identities are explored, disseminated, and respected. One SMCA program is the Cultural Collaborative. The Cultural Collaborative comprises of the six student-led Cultural Centers. As the Cultural Centers are under Student Multicultural Affairs, they come together to program and create cross-cultural programs and initiatives.

Keeping Up with the Beacons Newsletter Issue 1 Fall 2023