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Academic & Career Engagement & Success Center

Our mission is to holistically support students and alumni in their academic and career success.

Our Academic and Career Advisors assist with exploring majors and programs for undergraduate students, understanding undergraduate major requirements and provide guidance for applying to graduate school.

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Advising for All Declared Majors & CM 60+ Credits

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Academic & Career Advisors

Our dedicated advisors are committed to helping you achieve your personal, academic, and career goals by providing comprehensive support. We strive to holistically assist students in their academic success, offering services that cater to all undergraduate students.

ACES Advisors provide academic advising to undergraduates students in:

  • College of Science and Mathematics – Undeclared majors
  • College of Liberal Arts – Undeclared majors
  • College of Management students who have less than 60 credits
  • Current students looking to apply to the College of Management and Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences

We can help with the following topics:

  • Course Registration/Academic Advising
  • Major/Career Exploration
  • Resume/Cover Letter Critique
  • Internship/Job Search Assistance
  • LinkedIn/Networking Assistance
  • Practice Interviews
  • Interview Preparation Assistance
  • Pre-Law Advising

Who is your advisor?

Advisors are assigned based on the students' last name (see here for caseload assignments). Your advisor's name is noted in WISER. Using the Mobile view, look for the advisor icon to find your advisor's name.  Using the Classic view, you will see your advisor's name on the Student Center page.  In some cases, students may have both a professional advisor and a faculty advisor. To contact your advisor, you may email directly from WISER or use the university directory. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, you may email us or call 617.287.5500 for assistance.  

College advising offices for students who are not assigned to ACES:

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Office Location and Hours of Operation:

Campus Center, 1st Floor, Room 1300
UMass Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125-3393

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 617.287.5500
Fax: 617.287.5568