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Study Abroad - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Where do I start?

  • Read through our website for a checklist to get started & steps to apply.
  • Register your UMass Boston Abroad account & take the program match quiz to get programs that meet your preferences.
  • Meet with an advisor in our office to go over the process, your questions & concerns, & program options.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to go over which courses you need to stay on track.
  • Talk with your loved ones about studying abroad & start a plan to reach your study abroad goals.

Q. When can I study abroad?

Any time after having successfully completed one full semester at UMass Boston (not recommended for freshmen and seniors).

Q. What are eligibility requirements? 

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA, some programs may require a 2.75 or higher, see program brochure for requirements
  • Good disciplinary standing
  • Having completed one full semester at UMass Boston at the time of application
  • Current UMass Boston student

Q. Where can I study abroad? What are the programs available? 

A. Almost anywhere in the world.

  • Consider 3 Cs: curriculum, cost, climate, and when choosing among programs.
  • Learn about the program options here. Be sure you learn what the differences are among:
    • Exchange
    • Provider-led
    • Direct Enroll
    • UMass System Programs
  • These options have different financial and organizational requirements.

Q. How long can I study abroad?

A. Almost as long as you like, as long as you fulfill the residence requirements at UMass Boston.

  • One semester, multiple semesters
  • Academic year
  • Summer, winter

Q. How many credits will I get while studying abroad?

A. It depends how many courses you take abroad.

  • Semester -  12 credits, summer - 6 credits, winter - 3 credits.
  • You need to get C- or above to receive the credit.
  • The grades from abroad do not affect student’s GPA here.
  • Courses will be transferred after the official transcript from abroad is received.

Q. Can I take courses in my major?

A. Yes, you can take courses in your major and/or minor; electives are the easiest to transfer.

  • Browse the course offerings of various programs abroad by area of studies.
  • Consult your academic advisor.
  • Get approval for transfer of credits before your departure.

Q. Can I study abroad without knowing a foreign language?

A. Yes, since many of the programs abroad offer courses taught in English.

Q. Can I afford to study abroad?

A. You can’t afford not to study abroad! Studying abroad program pricing varies by program destination living expenses, program type, & length. You should explore the budget sections of each program, consult a financial aid advisor, & compare the program costs before applying.

Q. Can I get financial aid to study abroad?

A. In most cases, yes.

  • FAFSA and Pell Grant “travel”
  • Certain scholarships transfer, e.g., Chancellor's and the Foster Furcolo Scholarship for Reciprocal Exchange Programs
  • Apply on time for scholarships to study abroad 
  • Download our Study Abroad Financial Aid Guide

Q: Do I need a Student Visa to study abroad?

A: It depends. Some countries require a visa for the duration of your stay, others do not.

  • Explore the NAFSA website to find out if your host nation requires a visa