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Test-Optional Admission

UMass Boston is committed to providing an accessible education for all students and we recognize that while useful, standardized test scores may not accurately reflect a student's academic abilities. As such, applicants may choose to apply without submitting standardized test scores.


When can I apply test-optional?

First-year students may apply test optional. The no-test option is available for students applying Early Action I (November 1 deadline), Early Action II (January 1 deadline), and Regular Decision (February 15 deadline).

Why is UMass Boston offering a test-optional admissions plan?

As a university we recognize that not all students’ abilities are reflected by a standardized test score. In offering a no-test option we hope to allow qualified academic applicants to highlight their qualifications.

I have a diagnosed learning disability. How should I apply?

Applicants with professionally diagnosed and documented learning disabilities (documentation must include diagnostic test results) are exempt from taking standardized tests for admission to any public institution of higher education in the Commonwealth. Applicants must submit any diagnostic testing documentation along with other admission materials (transcripts, essay, etc.) and prior to receiving an admissions decision. 

Will my application be more competitive if I apply test-optional?

That depends. It's ultimately up to the applicant to determine which option best highlights their academic abilities. The most competitive test-optional applicants have a 3.2 or greater recalculated high school GPA and AP, honors, or college preparatory coursework that clearly demonstrates an ability to succeed academically at the college level. 

Can I apply to all majors test-optional?

Yes, first-year applicants may apply to all undergraduate programs test-optional.

Can I still qualify for merit scholarships?

Students applying test-optional may qualify for some, though not all, merit-based scholarships. Eligible students that submit the FAFSA will, however, still qualify for need-based aid. Please review our merit scholarship grid to see which first-year scholarships require standardized test scores. 

Are test-optional applicants eligible to be considered for the Honors College?

Yes, test-optional applicants may still be considered for UMass Boston’s Honors College.

I’m an international applicant. Can I apply test-optional?

Yes, international applicants who have completed two or more years of an U.S., British, Canadian, Australian or International Baccalaureate curriculum may apply test-optional. All other international applicants will need to submit standardized test scores demonstrating language proficiency (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc.)

Can anyone select no-test option?

Yes, all applicants can apply without standardized tests to any undergraduate program. Non-international students who have taken ESL or ELL coursework during high school may be required to prove English language proficiency. 

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