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Academic Integrity

  • Academic Integrity at UMass Boston
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • For Students: Includes resources for students to learn about academic integrity, decision making about academic integrity, and to help prevent making academic integrity errors
    • For Faculty: Includes best practices, tools for teaching, and summary of options for addressing students' academic integrity errors
  • Academic integrity incident reporting form: If a faculty member intends to impose a sanction
    • The faculty member first sends notification of proposing the sanction (see Appendix B, step 2, for details) and offering to meet with the student to discuss.
    • As a result of meeting or further discussion, more information may come to light and faculty member may decide not to impose the sanction.
    • If the faculty member imposes a sanction, the sanction should be imposed within 10 business days of proposing the sanction or the meeting between faculty and student to discuss, whichever is later. 
    • The Maxient form linked above is for faculty to fill out when a faculty member formally initially sends the student notice of the incident and proposes a sanction (the form requires authentication of faculty member who fills the form).

Governance Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Many curriculum governance processes are being handled through Curriculog. Please see information on how to submit proposed curriculum and course changes via Curriculog.

Forms for Graduate Students

Click here for graduate student forms.