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The Office of Student Conduct, administered through the Office of the Dean of Students at the University of Massachusetts Boston, employs a philosophy that is student-centered. We are dedicated to encouraging responsible and civil community conduct, promoting student development through individual responsibility, and facilitating a fair and impartial disciplinary process in situations where violations of the Student Code of Conduct have occurred.

Students, faculty, and staff who believe there has been a violation of the code may contact our office to discuss options available for reporting incidents. The Office of Student Conduct also provides conflict resolution services that help students resolve disputes in an effective and fair manner. If you find yourself in a dispute with another person, these conflict resolution services can provide you with valuable skills to resolve current and future conflicts.

*Note: As a student, your educational records are confidential, protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The university cannot release this information to anyone other than you without your written authorization. This form is designed to allow you to authorize us to release information to the person(s) or organizations(s) designated below.

Visit the Dean's Certification page to download the Student Request to Release Information and FERPA Waiver form.

Students who are transferring, applying to professional schools, sitting for bar exams, requiring a background check, or needing information communicated to others about their performance may need official forms completed on their behalf. The Office of the Dean of Students may only complete the disciplinary record section of Dean Certification forms or Admission Application forms for students. Visit the Dean's Certification page for more details.  

Click here to access the Student Code of Conduct.

Click here to access the Instructional Setting Conduct Policy

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to establish a principle of civility and responsibility by upholding university standards of student conduct and academic integrity through a fair and objective process.

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