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The Dean of Students Office serves as consultants for faculty and staff who have concerns about students they teach or employ. We seek to serve as a “one stop” for community members who are concerned about a student in crisis. The office also provides support and notification in the event of a student's death.   

Concerned About a Student?

Any member of the University of Massachusetts Boston community may come into contact with a distressed student. Many students come to the attention of faculty or staff through journal entries, papers, or shifts in behavior, mood, appearances, etc. Being aware of distress signals, methods of intervention, and sources of help for the student can help you assist the student. If your situation is urgent but not life threatening, the Dean of Students Office is available to provide assistance to faculty and staff with issues ranging from health and wellness, threatening or disruptive behavior, and other safety issues.

The UMass Boston Faculty and Staff Resource folder contains details on how to respond to students in distress.

Code of Conduct

The Dean of Students Office oversees the student conduct process and the Student Code of Conduct.   


Our staff is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and with the exception of a crisis situation, the Dean of Students Office shares information about student concerns only on a need-to-know basis to the extent permitted by FERPA.  


The Dean of Students Office collaborates to provide seamless communication and outreach which fosters student growth, development, and success by providing intervention, outreach, resources, referrals, advocacy, and follow up services. The Dean of Students Office reviews reports and helps identify students who are struggling to navigate the university system, students with current and emerging mental or physical health issues, and students experiencing issues adjusting to academic and social life.   

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) 

The mission of the BIT is to evaluate and address student behavior that raises concerns for the health and well-being of a student or members of the community.  BIT will coordinate the resources of the University to intervene and provide necessary supports. BIT will address student behaviors that are disruptive and may include health and well-being and/or safety concerns.

Excused Absence Policy

The University’s Notice of Absence Policy allows for students to receive an excused absence in certain situations (illness, death in family, etc.). Please instruct students to submit this notice of absence form and attach their documentation. Professors may contact the Dean of Students Office if students are unable to. We will notify professors that the student supplied documentation that meets the requirements of the excused absence policy. We do not share their documents or any personal information with professors unless requested by the student. Students are responsible for contacting their professors to make up missed work.

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