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Space Use Policy

Space Use Policy 

University Space Use Policy

The University recognizes the importance of providing access to space and facilities for both internal and external groups for activities other than the regular and/or essential operations and activities of the University. The need to designate areas for use to accommodate such activities of a diverse University community is an important aspect of its mission. Use of such designated facilities of the University shall be allowed by the Office of the Chancellor and the Division of Administration and Finance in accordance with federal, state and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out unlawful activity. 

Space Use Policy Goals:
  • Establish reasonable time, place and manner requirements for university space to avoid disruption to or substantial interference with instructional activities and/or essential operations; 
  • Identify and list prohibited and disruptive activities; 
  • Establish space use priorities for departments, student organizations and external organizations; 
  • Provide a list of available spaces and facilities for conferences, meetings and special events, as well as activities that may not be part of the regular and/or essential operations of the university; 
  • Outline the fees associated with the use of university space, equipment and resources; 
  • Clarify policies, processes and procedures for the implementation of meetings, conferences and special events.