UMass Boston

Campus Center

Wireless Network and Shared Computer Print Stations

Wireless Network for Students, Faculty and Staff:

Eduroam is the network for students, faculty and staff at UMass Boston and at schools across the globe. To connect, simply:

  • Choose the network named "Eduroam";
  • Enter your full email address and password;
  • Accept the certificate.

Eduroam is a collaborative Wifi network that any research or educational institution can join. The benefit is that you can roam among the member institutions and transparently join the Eduroam network without re-entering your credentials. For this reason, we recommend that all faculty, staff, and students use the Eduroam network.

To get help with wireless access on campus, please contact the IT Service Desk at or 617.287.5220.

Internet Access for Visitors & Guests

Guests to the UMass Boston campus may access the internet via the UMass Boston Guest wireless network. This network is intended for casual use of the internet via web browser, such as web surfing, webmail, etc. Not all services will work on our guest wireless network. Since it has limited bandwidth, no streaming of audio or video is supported. Here are the steps to connect to the Guest wireless network:

  • Open your device’s wireless network connections page, select and connect to “UMB-Guest”;
  • Once connected, launch your internet browser and navigate to a web page to begin the wireless network validation process. You should be redirected to a welcome screen for the UMass Boston Guest wireless network;
  • Read the terms of use for the network, and if you agree, click "Accept." You should then be able to access the internet.

Email and Printing Stations

You'll find printers and computer stations on the Upper Level and 2nd Floor. The computer stations are intended for quick access to your email or WISER accounts. To access the computers, you must log-in using your UMass Boston email address and password.